Grace in Your Heart & Flowers in Your Hair

This has been a very very busy and fun filled few days. Where do I even start?

First things first, Thursday I got my MRI results. The good news is that there is no labral tear in my hip which is what we were worried about. The bad news is there is a partial tear in my quad muscle right at the insertion point. It’s not terrible because we have at least been doing the right treatment so we are on the right track. The radiologist also said that it looks like a very painful injury. I found this somewhat comforting. The reason is that it would have been worse if they had said they don’t see anything wrong and my pain was not explained. Now I know what it is and I feel a little bit less of a wimp.

Friday was the beginning of my weekend as I took the day off work. My bestie K and I headed to Simcoe for the Gentlemen of the Road tour that was happening featuring one of my favourite bands Mumford and Sons!!! It was a camping weekend. We got there around 1030 in the morning and set up in what we called “tent city”. There was a sea of tents. People everywhere!!

<img src="" alt="20130825-181744.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

We had an amazing time people watching, sun bathing, playing cribbage and eating. Oh there was so much eating…


I had pulled pork poutine the first day which we shared and then had the most delicious apple dumplings covered on hot caramel sauce. The next day I tried smoked meat poutine from a different food truck. We also enjoyed ice cream, and lots of beer.

One thing I can say I learned this weekend is I am way too old for this type of event. The first night I barely slept because I was so cold. With my quad injury I was so so sore sleeping on an air mattress and getting in and out of the tent. The crouching down and climbing in and out were not good positions for me. Today I am literally sore all over!

But we had so many great laughs I wouldn’t change a thing. And the concert was so fun! We heard some new bands I had never heard of. One I really liked was Old Crow Medicine Show. They had the crowd dancing! And of course Mumford and Sons was incredible! Here is some of their lyrics that I love…

One of the nicest things about a couple of days away is coming home. It was so nice to see J and C. We had a delicious dinner with lots of veggie options as I needed some good healthy choices after the eating and drinking I did over the weekend.

We had grilled chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, garlic parm corn, grilled zucchini, cheesy garlic buns and a delicious corn chowder.


Now I have a couple days off to enjoy with my favourite little girl.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you got any concerts coming up?


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