Zoo fun, family time and my tummy hurts

I was lucky enough to extend my weekend by an extra two days so here it is Tuesday night and it feels like a Sunday. I took a couple days off to do some family stuff with C and the rest of my famjam.

Monday we were supposed to go the Zoo however Mother Nature had other plans for us. We woke up and looked outside and it was not a very nice day at all. So instead we went to my sisters house and spent the day there. We went out for lunch and then me and C and my niece went to my parents house for dinner and to sleep. We had tacos and a trip to Yogurtys.

This morning Mother Nature was better to us and we woke to a beautiful day so we headed to the zoo. It was nice for us all to go together. It got pretty hot out and was a lot of walking.


After we got home we spent some time at mom and dads and then went out for dinner. I have been eating SO bad since Friday. And I am really feeling the effects of it. My tummy is so angry at me. I need to clean up my eating this week for sure.

C decided she wasn’t ready to come home and is going to spend a couple more days with my parents.

Today is my three year anniversary with J. The best guy ever who I feel so very lucky to have in my life. We are hoping to celebrate with dinner tomorrow so more on anniversary details later!


How will you celebrate your next anniversary?

What’s your favourite animal at the zoo?
Mind was definitely the gorillas. They are so much like people.


2 thoughts on “Zoo fun, family time and my tummy hurts

  1. Sounds like a great time! 🙂
    We will be spending our anniversary in the mountains- it’s one of our favorite places to escape to together in the Fall.

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