Four Things…I Admit It

There are four things you need to know about me that will confess to you.

1. I LOVE getting my hair done. When I have an appointment I look forward to it for weeks. And I love trying new things with the colour. It’s such a great feeling after and for me that great feeling lasts a couple days.

2. When I hear the song “Gold digger” by Kanye come on my ipod I never skip it. I can’t. It’s just so catchy. (I will skip it if my daughter is in the car but it’s hard for me). And I always think I can wrap when it’s on but it’s more like mumble mumble and then confidently working the few words I do know.

3. My favourite thing to eat is Thai food. Preferably from My Thai. I could eat there every day. I usually end up there once a week. And it’s not unheard of for me to go more than once a week. #sorryimnotsorry

4. I have an addiction to reality television. But more specifically MTV challenge shows where ex real world stars compete in challenges. The real drama is in watching them fight with each other. Some of them have made a real career out of it. And that fascinates me.

Tonight really has been a perfect night for me. I got my hair done and I absolutely LOVE it. On the way home Golddigger came on and I rocked it. I think I rapped more words than I mumbled. And I looked great doing it (see point number 1 above). I ordered up some Thai takeout ( and have enough for lunch tomorrow too #bonus) and curled up on the couch and watched an episode of MTV rivals that I had PVR’D. Can you say amazing?!!

To make things even better its Friday junior! Of a long weekend!!!


I’ve got quite a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow and Saturday there is a festival that J’s family is selling corn at and I am going to be helping out. I think it will be a lot of fun. And I am looking forward to spending lots of time with J as we haven’t seen much of each other since last Friday as I was away camping and then visiting my family, and his work schedule has been busy.

We did get to spend dinner together last night and we enjoyed a pretty amazing meal at a cute little restaurant downtown. I love that we had that time together in the midst of our busy lives. And I am so lucky to be spending my life with someone so wonderful.


I got a little mushy there but I couldn’t help it.

Here’s to the long weekend friends!!

How will you be spending your long weekend?

What song can you never skip on your iPod when it comes on?


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