Back on Track…I Hope

As I have posted many many times in the past 6 weeks, having an injury really really sucks. I really should have tried harder to focus on my nutrition when I wasn’t able to work out as much. I kept saying I would start the next Monday. And I would. And it would last a day or two and then I would get lazy.

Let’s face it. Nutrition is a lot of work. It’s a lot of planning ahead and meal prep. And so so much will power. For people like me anyway. I love food. I get excited about a bag of chips or a plate of nachos. And this summer I have really enjoyed my beer. And all of this combined with my inability to work out has officially caught up with me.


Today at CrossFit we started another Nutrition challenge. We have done them before. In fact, I won before. I lost more than 7% body fat! I looked and felt great. People were noticing and I loved it. So today we weighed in on that dreaded machine that spits out that dreaded report. And there it was. Just as I suspected but had hoped I was wrong. I was right back where I started. Up 6lbs and 7% body fat from my last weigh in which was in June.

It sucks. It’s not a good feeling. But what can I do? Start paying attention to my eating and make better choices. I started a food log today so I could track my food for awhile just until I get back to my healthier habits.

Today’s workout was a doozy for those that did it prescribed. For me it was still tough but I didn’t have the burpees.

18 minutes- AMRAP
5 pull ups (no bands so I did body rows)
5 DB squat cleans (I did hang cleans with a press(
5 burpees onto a plate (I did straight leg sit ups)
Sprint (mines more of a light jog)

I got 13 rounds in and used 12 lb dumbbells.

It felt good to be moving more in the workout than I have been. And my leg felt pretty great and still feels ok tonight. I am definitely getting somewhere with it. Progress…finally.

I did groceries after the gym and then made a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli slaw with a honey lime vinaigrette . I added some mango and avocado to the slaw. It was actually a really delicious meal.

I also did some meal prep for a pretty yummy meal I have up my sleep for Wednesday. Tomorrow night we have a family dinner at the Keg. There will need to be some self control tomorrow night for sure.

Anyway I don’t want to be a diet freak and I don’t want to feel guilt when I eat things I enjoy. But I do need to start making healthier choices for the majority of my meals and snacks to get me back to that place where I felt really good about myself. I miss that place.

Do you avoid the scale or like having numbers to compare to?

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Back on Track…I Hope

  1. I avoid the scale big time and just focus on how my clothes are fitting and how I’m feeling physically. I have been toying with the idea of getting a scale, but I’m worried that I will become too fixated on it. For the meantime, I think I’ll just stick with my current method.

    Your dinner looks delish and super healthy, looks like you’re already back on track friend! xo

  2. I usually don’t worry about the scale either. Most times that I weigh myself have been for weigh in’s for these competitions. Other than that I might step on it once in awhile at home but it usually doesn’t bother me. I am the same in that I usually am happy going by how I feel. In this instance I already felt crappy so I knew the scale was going to agree.

    The dinner was very good. which is a good thing since I have it for lunch today too.

    miss you friend xoxox

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