Disappointments and Celebrations

As I mentioned yesterday I am doing a nutrition challenge at my gym. It’s not really about the challenge with the other members or winning the challenge that matters to me. It’s the results. And entering the challenge is really more about me having support and being accountable. I am hoping this gives me the extra push I need.

I was planning on using resources and assistance of someone but it didn’t end up working out. There was a miscommunication so now I am back to square one. It’s disappointing but I can so this. I have done it before!

I have decide I am going to use a food log. I am currently using my fitness pal because it is easy and online. I’m not necessarily “counting calories” but rather just recording what I eat to make me think twice about eating it.

I had a challenge tonight as we went to the keg for dinner for a celebration for our brother in laws birthday. I feel like i did really well but still enjoyed myself.

I can do this.

Happy Birthday Justin!!


2 thoughts on “Disappointments and Celebrations

    • I like the journal itself, but I don’t love that it is calculating the calories etc because at the end it says if you ate like this every day you would weigh this number in 5 weeks. I think it’s too focused on the number so I am trying to just ignore that part.

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