Toast and Sore Chicken Wings

I am on Day 4 of my nutrition challenge and things are going pretty good so far. Definitely not perfect, but I am on the right track. I discovered a new product that I really like. Squirrelly bread. It’s made with sunflower seeds and sesame seeds and it’s delicious, filling and high in protein. I have had a slice the past couple mornings and it has kept me quite full. This morning I had it with my salted caramel monkey butter that my friend Laura sent me awhile ago in my Vancouver care package. I am convinced it tastes better because it was sent with love.

The other deliciousness I experienced yesterday was my dinner. I made chicken sausage stuffed acorn squash. It turned out very good. I don’t know if it was worth the extra effort to stuff the squash, we could have saved time to just roast the squash in cubes and serve with the meat and corn mixture. But the presentation was really cute.

I had a really great chiro appointment yesterday as well. We are so happy with the progress I am making with my quad that we are going to increase what I can do in my workouts. I can basically work on an “if it hurts don’t do it basis”. I can start working with some weight but have to graduate it very very slowly. We also discussed the possibility of starting to train to get back into running again. It’s definitely an option but again I have to be cautious.

I went to CrossFit yesterday SO excited to get started on the workout. I had my bar all set up and was ready to go and the coaches were laughing at my excitement. It is hard for me to recognize my limits so it’s good I have my coaches support. For example our strength wod was a 2 rep max on our strict press but with no rack. I just stood there staring at the bar knowing the cleaning of it would be my downfall. My coach saw me and asked me what was up and I said so quietly “I think I need a rack”. So I used a rack. And I found myself lifting 60lbs. It was such a great feeling.

The wod:
5 rounds of 3 minutes
3 power cleans
6 push ups
9 squats

I did hang cleans and used 45 lbs. After one round I felt like I should lower it to be safe and go to 35 lbs. I don’t like cleaning a light bar though, it was bouncing off my chest. I also only did 5 squats instead of 9 to be more careful. After 3 rounds my leg was tired so the last 2 rounds I did body row, push-ups and sit ups. I think i did a good job of recognizing what was enough for my leg and I’m proud of that.

This morning I am one sore lady though. My chicken wings (under my arms and arms- that’s what my friend Laura and I call that region) are feeling it today. But it’s a good feeling for sure. I will rest today and probably tomorrow and go again Saturday.

Baby steps.

Happy Friday Junior!


Have you got any fun plans for this weekend?


Have you ever been so excited for a workout?  Why?


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