Weekend, Workouts and Schnitzel

I have had a pretty great weekend. It started out with a visit from one of my besties and her new BF visiting for a bit. I made delicious soup in the slow cooker that was a Tortilla Chicken Soup. It was delicious and perfect for a chilly evening.

Saturday morning I went to CrossFit and had an awesome workout.

5 kettlebell presses each arm
5 pull ups
*12 minute AMRAP

5 dumbbell snatch each arm
Sprint\ tricep pull downs

My workouts were the above which were modified as there was some heavy weights and a lot of squats that my poor leg can’t handle right now.

After CrossFit I came home and made myself a protein shake. However I didn’t have the blender properly assembled and when I lifted it up there was shake EVERYWHERE. What a mess! So after cleaning it up I decided I would just go with plan B and came up with this deliciousness.

Sweet potato, ground chicken sausage and a fried egg. I was almost glad to have spilled my shake because this was much more delicious.

Saturday afternoon I relaxed for awhile and then went to the mall where I treated myself to a few things. I was on the hunt for a blazer and found two awesome ones. Here's one of them in an outfit that J picked out for me.

We went out for a dinner to a restaurant we have been wanting to try since we saw it on an episode of You Gotta Eat Here. The Black Forest Inn. It was incredible! We both got the meatball soup and then J got a combo platter of delicious meats and roasted potato. I got the schnitzel with a mushroom sauce and Spaetzle. It was honestly such a delicious meal.

Then we went for drinks with friends. I did some meal prep for the week today and worked for the morning at the corn stand. We found the loveliest tomato.

Dinner tonight was tacos. I made a homemade corn and mango salsa and made my taco a taco bowl.

What a great weekend. It’s sad it’s over and all that’s left is the mountain of laundry in front of us to fold.
What did you do this weekend?

Do you meal prep for the week?


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