Ice Ice Baby

Today was not too bad for a Monday. It started out good with a new shirt and blazer and a great hair day (if I do say so myself) and my girl waking up in a great mood. We weren’t rushed and were out the door in good time.

I packed my breakfast and ate it at work. Once again I had my sweet potato worn ground chicken sausage and corn mixture with a fried egg. I am addicted to this breakfast. I love it.

After work I hit CrossFit. It is the Partner Games right now and today was the first workout. It’s a friendly competition in the gym with partner wods all week and then there is a winning team at the end. I participated last time with the best partner ever.

Sadly she has moved across the country. I am not participating in the competition this time mostly because of my injury. I have to modify the workouts so much I figured it’s better to do them on my own. However in today’s workout my friend K was there and also has an injury so we did the workout together. My modified version was:

18 minute AMRAP
15 hang cleans
15 sit-ups
15 push press
15 box steps
15 strict press
15 push ups
15 air squats

I used a 35lb bar for my weight for all the lifts. Then after the wod I went for an 800m run just to see how it felt. It felt pretty good. I was smart today and came home and iced iced iced. It makes a huge difference.

I am going to register to run a 5km race the first weekend of November with my sister and my nephew. And C is going to run a 1km. I’m excited to race again. I just have to train a little and get my leg back in the game. And I have to do it properly and not reinjure myself.

This evening we finalized our plans for a vacation we are planning. More about that another day. But it was inspiration to get that smokin’ bikini body I have always wanted.

I just need to stay on track. It’s so easy to fall off.

Did your week start off strong or did you suffer from a case of the Mondays?

Are you planning any vacations for the Winter?


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