Hump Day Happiness

Well we have made it halfway there… it’s Wednesday! And that means it’s Hump Day.

hump day

I have had a pretty great week so far. I have been in better spirits than previous weeks since my injury and I think it’s because I am able to have some normalcy with my workouts and my schedule again. Also, I have been eating well for the past week and a half and I think that makes me feel better too. It’s amazing how those things affect our mental health so much.

Yesterday was a rest day and it’s also my night of driving C to her extra curricular stuff such as singing and swimming. We go from school to singing and then straight to swimming and don’t get home until after 8pm. It makes for a long day for both of us. I planned on getting her something to eat in between but when I told her J was making steak for dinner she said she would rather wait. She said that the Keg must have gotten his recipe because his steak is just as delicious. And he did not disappoint at all. When I came home he had this AMAZING dinner prepared for us. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


steak with grilled asparagus and grilled tomatoes

It pretty much tasted like heaven. I had some leftovers today for my pre-gym snack.

On my lunch I had a chiropractor appointment and man did she work hard on me today. She worked on my quad as usual and then did the muscle stim machine on it. That feels weird. I haven’t had that done before and what a strange feeling it was!! It was crazy seeing my muscle contract on it’s own like that. She also worked my calf because I have been having some pain in my heel again. Wow the calf was tight! I feel like she really kicked my butt today.

I tried a new tea today that is really delicious and a nice cool weather treat. I tried Stash Vanilla Nut Cream tea. It was so yummy and a perfect afternoon treat.


I know its not as cozy as all the Pumpkin flavoured fall treats out there… but you know what, pumpkin just isn’t my thing. I have tried to embrace it with all of the Pinterest recipes out there, but I don’t know that I will actually make any of them. I mean, to be honest, I don’t really even like Pumpkin Pie. But I will likely continue to kid myself and pin them. I mean I just saw some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing on there that I wanted to pin. But I could eat cream cheese icing on ANYTHING and be happy.

Today’s WOD was a 4 parter. It was with partners but there were three of us so we just did it in three.

WOD 1 – 8 min
1 km run with a weighted ball
Rest of the time wall balls

WOD 2 – 4 min
1 RM front squat
21-15-9 lunges and weighted sit ups

WOD 3 – 6 min
1 RM push press
Plank hold with 13 air squats if fail

WOD 4 – partner deadlift

I had to modify. The first one I only did 400m run despite my desire to run the full 1km. My coach felt it would be too much with all the other movements. My wall ball is modified to just a push press motion as opposed to a full squat. The second I chickened out and didn’t want to add any weight to my front squat so I did strict press and got to 60lbs. After 76 wall ball that’s not bad at all. The third wod I got to 80lbs with my push press and held my first plank for 1 min and 37 seconds!!! That’s a loooong plank hold for me. The final lift we got to 275lbs. I was ok doing this lift as long as my “bad leg” was not on the end where the weight was.

One movement that I felt was more challenging than I expected was the weighted sit ups. They were tough! I think I will feel that tomorrow.

The rest of the evening has been nice and relaxing. A nice shower, dinner and watching tv while icing my quad. If I am feeling really adventurous I may just foam roll too!

Happy Wednesday! The weekend countdown is on!

What’s your favourite way to relax in the evening?

Do you ever do weighted sit ups?


One thought on “Hump Day Happiness

  1. Ahh WODing with an injury is always so frustrating! It’s good your coach is looking out for you though. I like to relax with some dark chocolate and a good book! And the only weight sit ups I do is with my daughter-she loves it

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