Saturday Morning Snatch

The past two days I got some awesome workouts in. Thursday I was sore as can be from Wednesdays wod. It was a good sore. Except for the arm pain I was having. It was a constant tingling feeling. It looks like my carpel tunnel is acting up. It looks like it’s probably from working at a computer all day and combined with my phone and iPad use. It’s pretty sad. I need to unplug a little more.

Thursday night was a rest night and I went for a massage. Friday I went after work and did another partner workout. We did:
17 min AMRAP
35 of each of the following
Clean and jerk
Kettlebell swings
Burpees over partner
Wall ball
Front squats
Goblet squats passing to partner
Sit-ups with wallball passing to partner

I know there was more but I can’t remember. All I know is it was a long one. The rest of the night C and I just relaxed. J was at the fairgrounds setting up for the calf show he had today.

This morning we got up and went to the gym. It was a rainy morning so it was all inside. We got a lesson on the “hang snatch”. I just used a really light bar because there is an explosive movement in the hips that is too much for my leg right now. But I think I did pretty good with the movements. It felt good. Snatches are not a lift I do often.

Today’s wod:
3 rounds
90seconds for each
Sit ups
Push ups
Hang snatch
Body rows

This is the modified workout I did. There were other movements I couldn’t do that many of. I did try burpees but the jumping in part bothers me still. Oh darn. Haha I kid. I do miss how they kick my butt.

I love Saturday morning workouts because I love how good I feel for the rest of the day. C and I did some errands and headed home. Then she had a play date and I hit up target. I got a couple bikinis on clearance (for our trip this winter) and some other goodies for around the house.

We are just hoping the rain lets up because our plans are to go to the fair tonight to watch the demolition derby. It’s kind of a tradition we go every year. We are keeping our fingers crossed it clears up.

Haveyou been to any fall fairs this year?
We have been to one already. This weekend will be our second.

Do you like the rain?
I don’t like anything about it really


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Snatch

  1. no fall fairs yet…but once October is here we’ll probably be taking our daughter (she’ll be about 7 months) to some harvest/pumpkin places…so excited! I’m pretty excited to see what holidays with her will be.

    I like rain in the morning, but then the rest of the day I don’t LOL. also, snatches are like my worst movement-I try and practice them 2-3x a week so I’ll eventually not suck so hardcore at them!

      • I recently read something by Diane Fu that said most people need to practice their snatch more than their Clean and Jerks so I started trying to add some extra practice at home, even if it’s worth the broomstick LOL! It’s such a technical lift!

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