Sunday Run Day

Mother Nature was kind to us and the rain finally let up for us yesterday just in time to go to the fair as we had planned. We went with J’s sister and her husband to watch the demolition derby. We love to all pick a car for each heat and cheer on that car. It’s kind of a tradition. We took C on some rides and had some yummy fair treats. We got hot apple cider for the derby to keep us warm because it was a chilly night.

This morning was a nice lazy morning. J had the whole day off which doesn’t happen too often so we had a nice family breakfast. Then we headed to Party City in search of C’s Halloween costume. We were unsuccessful but we did find this mask.

Then we did grocery shopping and came home to enjoy a nice lazy day. I did a ton of laundry and tidying. Then I decided to go for a run. It was the most perfect weather for running. Fall is my very favourite time of year to run. I drove to my old apartment and ran a 3km route I used to do regularly. I can’t really run near our place because the roads hurt my knees. It felt so so so good to run.

When I got home I did some serious foam rolling and held the plank. I think I want to try the whole “plank a day” thing I have seen in the blogosphere. I have also iced and am gearing up for round two of my foam rolling as my legs still feel tight.

I have to mention my favourite songs right now. I made a great running mix and these four songs I could listen to for the whole run. It was a nice medium to quick pace. I may have listened to the Bastille song over and over several times.


J made the most amazing roast for dinner. Seriously the best I have ever tasted. It was cooked absolutely perfectly. I made roasted carrots and a yummy garlic mashed potatoes with it. C and I also made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies that turned out delicious. I could eat the whole batch. We packed them up into containers to distribute to family members.

I really had a great weekend. Lots of family time an awesome workout and a really great run. And some delicious meals. And the best guy and little girl any girl could want in her life. I’m a very lucky lady.

What’s your ideal running weather?
Mine is definitely fall. I like it to be cool, it keeps me moving.

What running songs are you digging right now?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Run Day

  1. I agree, fall is the best time to run. all of fall and early spring. Yesterday was the first time in a couple months I just ran because it was SO nice out.

    Right now I’m digging my Ke$ha (yes, i’m secretly a 17 year old raver) and Maroon 5 pandora stations. Sometimes I switch to Country to really switch things up 😉

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