Tabata Chipper and Chicken Dinner

For a Monday I really can’t complain. I usually like to take Monday to talk about how sad I am that the weekend is over and how I can’t wait for the weekend. But today really wasn’t too bad. I got up early and had a nice breakfast. I made scrambled eggs with cottage cheese in it. I saw it on Pinterest and used that as my inspiration. I warmed a couple pieces of leftover roast with it and it was a delicious breakfast.

Lunch was soup and then my second lunch later afternoon before my workout was roast beef and carrots. Snack was plain Greek yogurt flavoured with chocolate protein powder and blackberries.

Tonight’s wod was a Tabata based wod. And it’s one we call a chipper. A lot of reps to just chip away at.

Tabata each of the following
50 pull-ups
75 push-ups
50 kettle bell high pulls
100 sit ups
40 hang power cleans
50 dumb bell push press
300 m row.

This was my modified version of the wod. Some of the movements were a little different for the rest of the class. There was a 20 minute cap and only one guy finished. I got 35 dumb bell push press in and that’s where I ran out of time.

We had a strength wod before the workout of 5 rounds of 5 straight leg deadlifts and 10 body rows.

My arms should feel it tomorrow. My legs are so tight today from running yesterday.

Dinner was grilled chicken, asparagus and tomatoes served with guacamole.

J grilled up a whole bunch of chicken for me so I can have it for lunches for the week. This really helps me stick to healthier eating. One thing that is not helping is having homemade cookies in the house. They are so good! I can’t wait till they are all gone.

I hope you are having a great start to the week!

Did you workout today? What was your workout?

Do you make up extra when you make dinner so you can use it for lunches?


2 thoughts on “Tabata Chipper and Chicken Dinner

  1. that sounds like a LONG one. So you did 20 seconds on of each each exercise, 10 seconds off?

    I got half my workout in today (i take 2 classes on Tuesdays). Our WOD was 5 rounds of
    25 DU
    10 PP (85# RX;d, i only did 75#)
    15 pull ups
    2 minutes rest between rounds.
    it took me 18:42 with rest, so about 10 min of working time. I also ran a mile before and after class with a 20lb weighted vest. Tonight is power lifting though!

    and yes i try to make extra but my husband thinks it’s seconds and thirds for him so he just eats it normally

    • Yes we did the 20 seconds on and then 10 seconds rest. It was really tiring. And verrrrrry long. I am sore today! We did it splitting the reps up so we didn’t get stuck not getting every movement in. Mine had the row at the end so I didn’t even get to that.

      The actual workout had lunges and burpees in it but with my quad injury I had to sub those out. I am not upset about missing out on the burpees haha.

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