The Big Reveal

The weekend finally came and sadly it’s almost over. Sunday night is always bittersweet because its relaxing but it’s the end of another great weekend. This weekend was jam packed of fun times. Friday after work I went to CrossFit. I tried going a little bit heavier. We worked on skills for our strength wod. I did strict pull ups. I was so close to getting it without a band. So so close! Next time for sure.

20 min AMRAP
10 air squats
1 power clean 1 push press x4
1 rd of Cindy (5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 sit ups)

I did sit ups but normally Cindy has 15 air squats. The rest of the class did jumping dumbbell squats at the beginning but I did air squats. Also for the lifts everyone else did 2 cycles of bear which is 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, 1 back press. With my injury I decided to modify quite a bit and I still had a killer workout. I used 55 lbs for this workout.

Friday night we had friends over. It was a really nice visit and J made the most delicious steaks.

Saturday I decided to skip CrossFit because my leg was quite sore after Fridays workout. I helped out at the corn stand. It was a beautiful day.

Then I enjoyed some me time and got my nails done and went on the search for some new shoes. I have found that my running shoes have too much cushioning for lifting. It’s great for running but I find the cushion makes me feel really off balance when I am lifting heavy. I am really nervous of falling again so my coach suggested a flatter shoe. I bought myself these!

My new kicks! They are a lot brighter than what I wanted but they were the best fit so I went with fit. J and I had a date night and went for dinner. This morning I went for a quick 3km run and then did some foam rolling when I got home.

J made me a delicious breakfast when I got home and then we got ready for the gender reveal party for his sister and her husband. When they cut the cake we found out the gender and it is a…

It’s a girl!!!
It was really a fun action packed weekend. Now I have to face this massive pile of laundry to fold.

So on that note I better get folding!

Have you got different shoes for running and lifting?

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party?


3 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. I just ordered a new pair of inov-8’s for Crossfit-I’ve been lifting/crossfitting in my brooks running shoes, and while they’re a more minimalist style, they still have aren’t very good for lifting.

    no, I haven’t….my husband needed to know too bad for us to wait.

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