Busy as Bee and Grouchy as Can Be

This week is a busy busy week and it won’t settle down until Sunday night.  It is causing me to remove myself from my regular schedule and routine and that seriously messes with my head.  I am going out of town on a course for work over the next couple days and it is throwing me off.  Firstly, I will have to talk to strangers.  I am actually really good at meeting people and making conversation.  But I still stress about it.  I will be away from home and from J and C for the two days/nights, and I don’t like that.  Also, I feel ill prepared for this little getaway.  I haven’t packed, I need to do laundry, the list goes on.  In reality NONE of it is a big deal.  It’s JUST a couple days and I will be fine.  I will probably even have fun.  I still stress.  Ugh.

Last night was our night of running around.  When C was in her singing lesson I went for a run.  I really wasn’t feeling it, and was really quite sore from Monday’s lifting WOD, but I decided I will be resting Wednesday and am unsure about workouts Thursday and Friday so I  might as well go.  It was awful!  My hamstrings were already sore and running was making it worse.  My calves felt so tight- I had to stop and stretch them out a few times on the run.  I ended up walking for a lot of it, but I had to run for the second half in order to make it back before her lesson ended.  I should have listened to my body and rested.  Lesson learned??  I would like to think so but probably not.

There won’t be a workout for me tonight as I am squeezing in a hair appointment after work before I leave for my course.  #priorities  I can’t decide if I want to cut my hair or not.  I definitely need a trim, but am kind of thinking I need a change and maybe I should cut some length off?  I cannot decide.

I saw someone post this on Instagram and I want to try it.

plank challenge

I have already been working on holding my plank longer and have seen some really great progress so I think this is a great idea.  Who’s with me???


Should I cut my hair??


Will you do the plank challenge with me??


3 thoughts on “Busy as Bee and Grouchy as Can Be

  1. I’m doing a burpee challenge but I can do planks too! And I’m awful with hair advice…I’m too extreme. Right now my hair is almost mid back and if I cut I’d Cut if to above my shoulders…and probably due it black or something!

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