CrossFit on the Road

I am away from home tonight for a work conference. I am learning a lot about myself both personally and my work life. We actually did some personality tests and I found out my personality type and it was really informative. There was also a 360 analysis that was done by myself and my boss and my peers. It was a really good experience. There is another day ahead of me tomorrow that I think will be quite challenging for me.

I got here last night and had a nice night to myself to watch the Ultimate Fighter and I got to sleep in a little. Sounds like a great night? It was nice enough but I much prefer home in my comfy bed with J there to cuddle with. It was nice to sleep in but I didn’t get to see my beautiful girl in the morning, even if she can be a bit of a bear.

So away from home puts me away from my routine and my schedule. I am staying at a resort that has a pretty awesome fitness facility so I decided to hit the gym after class and I did a CrossFit type workout that I made up.

I walked in and found these:


First I jumped on a rower and rowed for 5 minutes. Then I did some warm up strict press, front squats and push press with a light bar. Then I did this wod.

10 rounds
2 hang cleans
3 front squats
5 push press
10 sit ups

I used 45 lbs for this workout

I almost stopped at 5 rounds and then again at 8 but I pushed myself and kept going and finished the 10 I had decided to do initially. It is a lot harder to stick with it when you are not in an actual class and just doing it on your own. I did 3 sets of Russian twists with a medicine ball after and a few presses with dumbbells. I also got my Day 2 plank in!!!

Here’s a shameless selfie gym shot. I never bring my phone in to the gym but since I had it here I took the opportunity to snap a selfie. I couldn’t resist.


A bunch of girls from the conference went out for dinner. It was just the hotel restaurant but it was delicious. I had the fish tacos which came with a black bean and corn salad. It was very good. Then it was back to my room where I reviewed some of the material for tomorrow and watched Grey’s.

One more day and it’s officially the weekend!!

Do you workout when you are travelling?

Did you get your plank challenge done today?


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