Gobble Gobble (a little early)

Friday was the last day of my conference and it was really nice to be home and to see my two favourite people. J had a poker game with the guys so it was just me and my girl. We made pizza and popcorn and had a movie night.

Saturday morning we went to CrossFit and it was a partner workout. I worked with my bestie K.

10 000 lb back squat
5000 lb push press
3000 lb row

The idea to work together and do enough reps to total the above weight. We had an 18 minute cap. We were pretty close to done. Oh and the locker was you couldn’t both lift at once and at 5, 10 and 15 minutes we stopped and had to do 25 push ups. It was a good one. Then I had chiro and C and I went to the Halloween store and found her costume. You will see that later.

Last night we took C out to dinner to this BBQ place that we love. There is a jukebox which she loved because she can pick the music at the restaurant. We had a delicious dinner and then headed to my friend K’s parents house for a drink because it was K’s birthday.

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. It’s a week early but that actually works out great because we have 2 more dinners next weekend.


I see a lot of eating in my future. ‘Tis the season. Bring it on.

Do you have Thanksgiving plans?

Have you been doing your planks for a plank challenge?


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