Dumbbell Snatch and Sooo Much Soup

I was lucky and had the day off. Actually I just planned it really well and knew my weekend would be so busy so I tacked on an extra day. With thanksgiving next weekend it also means two long weekends in a row. Sweet.

I spent some time in the morning with my parents before they headed home. Then I tackled the turkey carcass and made a very large pot of turkey stock. It simmered all day long. I was productive and did some laundry and a few groceries and even squeezed a coffee date in with the bestie.

I went to CrossFit at my usual Monday class. The strength wod I really enjoyed. It was strict press with the following rep pattern: 8,4,2,4,8. I did 45, 55, 65, 55, 45 lbs. It was tough and I was very happy with the weights I chose. We did some work together on a kettlebell snatch. I find it hard on my wrists. And I have been having some flare ups of my carpal tunnel lately so I tried a few and decided to do the wod with a dumbbell instead.

12 minutes – EMOTM
5 dumbbell snatch on each side
Rest of the minute on odd minutes it was goblet squats. And even minutes it was to plank. The idea was to count your total squats. I got to 66. Then he has us do 20 push ups unbroken and then 50 sit-ups.

I figured all that planking counted towards my plank challenge plank for the day.

When we got home we were greeted with an amazing smell. The stock was ready. J and I strained it all out and he chopped up a ton of meat from it. We added some to a pot with some of the meat, a few carrots, sweet corn and some alphabet noodles. It was a delicious dinner. C loved it!


It made a ton of soup. We froze some and J brought some to his grandma and grandpa. And we also gave a serving to his parents. With the rest of the meat I have an idea for another recipe I am hoping to make on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is back to the real world and back to work. I haven’t been in the office since last Wednesday. I am sure there is a lot of work waiting for me. And it’s my busy night with C. I better get a good sleep so I am ready to face the day.


Have you got a favourite homemade soup recipe?

Noodles or rice in your chicken/ turkey soup?
I usually go noodles, but potato is yummy too.


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