Randomness from my Tuesday

Back to work Tuesday.  Short week which should be awesome.  But it was a crazy day.  I got yelled at pretty hard at work.  (Not by anyone I work with).  It was first thing in the morning so it wasn’t a good start to the day at all.  I got through the day, but I wasn’t feeling well.  I was tired tired tired.  I also felt nauseous throughout the day, which I blame on my friend K who had a stomach bug on the weekend.  So I either caught it, or it was my subconscious paranoia that I was going to catch it.  But J was feeling the same way so who knows.  I think I am fighting something.  Here are some random points about my Tuesday.

1. Monday night I decided to ice my calf because it was so so so tight from the WOD.  I thought I was being so good, I foam rolled, used the lacrosse ball and it was still tight so I iced it.  I did it the way I always do it.  Had the ice wrapped tight around it, left it on for 10-15 minutes.  I noticed it felt kinda burny which it doesn’t normally do but thought, oh get over it you are fine.  Well when I took the ice off my skin looked so frozen and bumpy!  I think I gave myself frostbite.  Legit.  It is still burning two days later and is all red still.  It’s the same feeling as a bad sunburn.  I am even treating it with cooling gel like I would a sun burn.  Ouch!  Lesson learned?  I sure hope so.

2. I took C to swimming and I need to vent about something.  I don’t understand why women take their pants or bathing suits off when they don’t have the next layer of clothing ready to go.  I am not saying people should be ashamed and hide themselves in a changeroom.  I am just suggesting they be a little more prepared for the next time, and maybe just a bit more discreet?  I saw more butts and lady parts last night then I need too.  Sorry if you don’t agree- this is just my opinion.

3.  I love driving with my brights on.  Because we live in the country I get to use my brights on the road and I find it somewhat enjoyable to use them.  I think city dwellers are missing out on this.

4. I was drinking out of a straw Tuesday night and approached it too aggressively I guess and split my lip.

5.  In bed J turned around quickly causing a pillow to fling towards me and hit me in the eye.  And it really hurt.  So I guess I suffered a pillow injury???

6. I had the best sandwich of life.  I made a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mashed potato.  It was literally mind blowing.

photo (4)

the sandwich.

Let’s hope Wednesday is a better day.  It has already started and is not off to a great start so far but I am keeping my positive pants on and hoping it will turn around.

After all it’s hump day and my plank challenge rest day!

What’s your favourite cure for a bad day?

Mine is to relax and cuddle with my two favourite people.

Is there anything you are looking forward to this weekend?

We have two Thanksgiving dinners and a Fall fair to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “Randomness from my Tuesday

  1. Hot coffee and cuddling (after the coffee, of course) with my girl! I’m looking forward to pumpkin patches, a Salted carmel mocha and looking at halloween decorations

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