Turkish Get ups, Leftovers and an Early Morning

Wednesday was a loooooong day for me.  I woke up late and was rushed all morning which left me feeling pretty flustered for most of the day.  I was lucky enough to have a “stolen moment” with J at lunch time when we went for pitas and a treat of Starby’s (chai latte as always).  At least that broke up the day a bit.

After work I headed right to Crossfit and it was a bigger group in the class than usual.  Some faces I hadn’t seen in awhile, and it was nice to catch up with them.  Our SWOD was to find our one RM front squat with a pause at the bottom.  The pause was a definite no for me with my quad injury, but I was able to do some front squatting.  Just not to the weight I am used to.  I was able to do several reps at 55lbs, so I added weight and did 75lbs but I could feel my quad pulling and thought it wasn’t worth it to push it anymore so I quit there.  My chiro told me for now to increase reps and not the weight so I left it at the 55lbs and did a few more of those.  It’s a long way off from my max of 115 lbs I had before the injury.  The movement makes me nervous because that’s the lift I was doing when I fell and injured myself.  I need to get over that.

WOD- a partner one

20 min AMRAP

One partner does 7 squat clean thrusters and then 7 Turkish get ups

The other partner does 7 pull ups and 7 ring push ups and then sit ups until the partner is done with the first part.  Then both partners sprint and switch it up.

I hadn’t done Turkish get ups in awhile.  They are super awkward at first because you have to memorize the steps.  But they are really good for your core.  I tried doing them in the wod but had to stop because the movement was killing my quad.  So I ended up doing 10 goblet squats.  I also didn’t do the squat clean thruster and just did a regular thruster so I wouldn’t have the extra motion of picking the bar up each time.  When I got home I did my 45 second plank for the plank challenge.  I have been doing well with the challenge, I have stuck to it so far.

After I got home and showered I started our dinner.  I made a shepherd’s pie out of our turkey and mashed potato leftovers.  J came home after I started it and took over the finishing touches when I left to go pick up C from her Dad’s house.  When I got home the house smelled amazing and I found this.

pot pie

the finished product

It tasted SO good.  I wanted seconds so bad but contained myself knowing I would have some for lunch today.  Here’s another look of the perfection that was this dinner.

pot pie 2

heaven in a bowl

I actually added a little cranberry sauce to mine which made it even tastier.  We used our homemade stock in the recipe too.  Incredible.  J added hot sauce to his because that’s how he rolls.  I hope we get to take home more leftovers from our dinners this weekend so we can make this again.  Or maybe we just need to make turkeys more often throughout the year to keep our stock supply and our shepherd pies going.

This morning I made an effort to get myself out of bed earlier to avoid that rushed feeling and I did it!  I was able to wash and blow dry my hair and enjoy a sit down breakfast of a fried egg on a piece of walnut toast J got from the market yesterday.  (He also got the most delicious peach salsa that I brought to enjoy with wheat thins later).  I left the house on time and got to work on time and it made for a much more pleasant start to the day.  Can I do it again tomorrow?  I will sure try.

Are you a morning person or do you find it hard to get out of bed?

Have you got any favourite recipes you make out of leftovers?


2 thoughts on “Turkish Get ups, Leftovers and an Early Morning

    • They are tough to get but once you get the movements down it is easier. They take a lot of practice. They don’t look like they would make you sore but you are right, you usually feel it the next day!!!

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