A Sad Day

Today is Friday which usually makes me a very happy girl.


I woke up in a pretty great mood. I love that we can wear jeans at work. Casual Friday was a great idea, props to whoever it was that invented it.


haha looks like it has been around for ages

So as I was getting ready for work I dropped my bottle of perfume which is big and heavy on my foot! After a lot of yelling and trying not to swear (C was right beside me) I realized it wasn’t broken- the bottle which hit the bathroom floor after bouncing off my foot, or my foot.

The rest of my morning was uneventful and we went to my favourite restaurant for lunch and something tragic happened. I LOST MY SWEATER!!! My really new, most comfy, favourite sweater. I have only had it in my life for a couple of weeks and we have gotten really close. I wear it almost daily, it’s the comfiest sweater of life. I brought it with me because I am often very cold in restaurants but I wasn’t actually wearing it. I think I may have dropped it in the parking lot because I called the restaurant and it wasn’t there. devastating. literally. I am being comforted by my BFF L in the text below. She has been through something similar with her white cardigan so she is really supportive.

image (2)

thank god for good friends

After work I went straight to CrossFit knowing it would make me feel better and it did not disappoint. We did 3 wods.

First was Grace which is 30 clean and jerks. I did it in 5:30 which made me happy. I set my bar on boxes so I could lift from the hang position which would save some strain on my quad. I started with 65 lbs but after 3 thought I had better lower it because I knew I had to get through 30 of them. I lowered it to 55lbs. The funniest part is I thought I lowered it from 55 to 45 and didn’t realize my mistake until during the 3rd wod. So that made me feel pretty awesome in the end.

The second wod was Annie. That is 50,40,30,20,10 double unders and sit ups. If you can’t do double unders it was doubled for just skipping. This was the first time I have skipped since injury so he didn’t want me to overdo it so I only did the prescribed number. I finished in 7:40.

Finally we did a 1 mile run. I did that in 9:20. Not too shabby at all after the other two wods!
The night ended with an amazing dinner with J’s family at his sister and husbands house. It was a Thanksgiving feast. The stuffing was incredible. It was cornbread and sausage stuffing made with homemade cornbread. She even made her own cranberry sauce. It was amazing and I am stuffed!
Now it’s off to bed to get into a food coma. It’s going to be a long weekend of eating. #sorryimnotsorry

What’s your favourite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?

Have you got special plans for this weekend?


3 thoughts on “A Sad Day

  1. Oh friend, I love that you put a screenshot of our text convo on here. I just told James about your loss, and he can totally relate because he lost his favourite jacket last year at a party (he was not sober) and he is still devastated by it.

  2. Oh, I love crazy stories like the perfume and the sweater.. I have over-dramatic responses to a lot of things like that, too.. like the other day, I got toothpaste in my eye. Who does that? Followed by losing my keys, only to find them in the front door where I had left them overnight. Fun stuff.

    I hope you find a new replacement cardigan.. I cannot live without mine!

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