Weekend Workouts and More Turkey

This has been a pretty wonderful weekend. I’m sad that it is approaching the end.

I guess at least on the bright side there is one less day for this week since it was a long weekend. Saturday started with a workout at CrossFit. The workout involved dumbbell thrusters, sit-ups and burpees. It was 4 6 minute rounds. Burpees still bother my leg so I did a modified version. After I got home and showered and ate lunch I went to the mall and did some shopping. I got a few really cute things. My favourite store was having a 40% off sale!! Saturday night we went to J’s baseball banquet.

Sunday morning J and I went out for breakfast to the cutest little place called the Harbour Diner. I got the lobster and Avacado eggs Benny. It was incredible.

Then we did grocery shopping and then had a nice day at home together. We made homemade burgers for dinner and I also tried a Pinterest recipe for buffalo cauliflower bites. It was pretty good.

Monday morning was another visit to CrossFit. It was a very busy class. We did a team workout that was 20 minutes and we did kettlebell swings, push press and box jumps. The top two teams went on to another wod to get a prize. We were one of the top two teams. The next wod was max burpees in 3 minutes. I couldn’t do them so we got a sub in. The other team did more burpees so they were the winners. When I got home I did my plank for the plank challenge and today was 1.5 minutes. It was tough after Friday and Saturdays workouts with all the sit-ups. I can’t believe how long I am holding these planks. #killingit

J is a big help cheering me on and doing the timing for me so I am not watching the clock. The rest of the day has been fairly relaxing. I did make a meat sauce and got some meat ready for chili so this weeks meals will be easier.

Tonight we have another Thanksgiving dinner so there will be lots of eating. I’m ok with that.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!

What’s your favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner?


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