A Proud Moment

I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter. So blessed. For awhile it was just me and her against the world. I mean, I had (still do) an awesome support system but day to day it was just me and my girl. We have an unexplainable bond that I never really understood until I became a Mom.

It is amazing watching the little girl she has become. I feel so proud of her. She is kind and compassionate. She has a very sweet heart. She feels for people, she gets upset when others are sad. She’s emotional. She cried during movies, happy and sad. She cries during American Idol when someone is sent home because “they worked so hard to get there” I am so happy with who she is becoming.


Today in the car after we went in to Starbucks for me to get a chai latte to enjoy during her singing lesson C said to me: “mama, you know how you are nice to people? Well I want to be like you when I grow up”.

What a proud moment. She appreciates that I am kind and can strike up conversation with the girl at Starbucks. She notices how I treat people. And she wants to be the same way. And she already is!

It makes me think of this quote and this is what I want to teach my daughter.

I leave you with one more picture of the best thing I have ever done.


Have you got any kids? What have they done lately that has made you feel proud?


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