A Long Short Week

For a short week it sure has felt long. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. Dagger, it’s just Friday Jr. I thought this week would have flown by given that Monday was a holiday!

Wednesday after work I hit up CrossFit and here’s what we did. The strength wod was 3 sets of 10 back squats. This was right up my alley right now because I am supposed to concentrate more on reps than weight as per my chiro. So I kept it really light and just did 55 lbs. I didn’t feel anything in my quad during the sets until around 8 reps which I think is pretty good.

The WOD:
10-1 thrusters
1-10 burpees

Basically a pyramid of both working down with thrusters and up with burpees. I used 35lbs with my thrusters and about halfway through I switched to push press to give my quad a break. For the burpees I did a modified version on the paralette bars with a push up. My arms were toast. I also forgot to put my wrist wraps on until my 3rd round and boy they sure do make a difference!! I finished in just over 10 minutes.

There was a second WOD of EMOTM for 10 minutes doing 10 double unders and five front squats. I did skipping and he wanted me to only skip to 15 and then I did sit-ups the rest of the minute. That workout was much tougher than it sounded on the board.

Also the last two days of the plank challenge have been a minute and a half. Not easy!!

plank challenge

remember this??  anyone still with me?

I am on Day 15 and have been doing really well, but damn these planks are getting longer!!!  I had a chiro appointment at lunch and it went really well.  She is seeing a lot of progress with my quad.  It’s getting a lot stronger.  I am two weeks away from a 5k race that I signed up to run with my sister and my nephew and I am confident I can do it… the question is how will I feel after it?

Hope everyone is having a great day!  It’s almost the weekend!

PS- it’s my friend Laura’s birthday today- she blogs here- www.liverunsparkle.com.  Go check her out and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Have you got any races coming up?

I have the Road to Hope 5km race and nothing else planned after that.  Big aspirations to one day run the Around the Bay 30km, but not sure when that will be.

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?

I’m going to have some quality family time this weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Long Short Week

    • I did tough mudder in May with a bunch of girls from my crossfit gym and we had a blast. We got ripped off though by Mother Nature. It was SO cold. It was literally freezing temperatures and there was even snow. It was too cold to do a lot of the obstacles that involved water. A couple of us actually got injured but didn’t know until we thawed out. I would like to do it again one day though. We are talking about meeting up in another province to do it together.

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