A Plank PR and a Cozy Night

Well friends we made it!!! It’s Fridayyyyyy!!

It felt like it would never get here but it finally did. It was a pretty good work day. A couple coworkers and I went for sushi and that was delicious. After work I went straight to CrossFit to work off that sushi! Today had two WOD’s.

The first one was a Tabata workout of three movements. Mountain climbers, kettlebell swings and rowing. I did Russian twists with a dumbbell instead of the mountain climbers because they hurt my leg.

The second WOD was EMOTM for 12 minutes: 1 clean and 2 jerks then for the rest of the minute was push ups or sit ups (alternating). The idea was to go heavy and not do that many of the other movements and just work at the lifts. I was going to do 55 comfortably. But I decided that I should go heavier and really work for the lifts so I went with 65 lbs and did really well. It was tough but not too bad that I was struggling.

After the workout I asked if my coach would time me for my plank challenge plank since it was a long one. Today I was at 2 minutes. I have NEVER held a plank for that long. I have been mostly doing my planks with J timing me and he yells at me so I won’t drop. Well he is away for the weekend so I asked to do it at the gym. My coach told everyone what I was doing and asked them to encourage me. One of my friends stayed low with me and encouraged me not to drop down. It was great! I didn’t budge, held everything right and did it!!! That’s a PR! I was so pumped!

After CrossFit I picked up C and we went to get pizza. I tried one of Pizza Pizzas new “fresco” pizzas which are on a pita thin whole grain crust. I got the chicken Thai and it was so good! We got home and I immediately got my comfy clothes on. C and I played a board game and I did some serious foam rolling. Now I am curled up on the couch catching up on shows.

A summary of my night
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Doing anything exciting tonight?

What’s the longest you have ever held a plank?


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