Weekend Workout and A Family Fix

Saturday mornings are always awesome workouts at CrossFit and today was no exception. We did a team workout that involved a lot of lifting. There was three of us on a team and we had to deadlift over 5000 lbs, back squat almost 3000 lbs and push press over 2500 lbs. (I can’t remember the exact amounts). Then there were 92 burpees and a 2.4 mile run. We kind of just plugged away on it and didn’t do any calculations of how many reps because we just assumed it would take us the full 30 minutes. I used 75 lbs for the deadlift and 55 lbs for the back squat and the push press. I did my burpees on paralettes again. After 19 minutes our coach came and checked our notes with our reps we had recorded and we had WAY more reps than necessary and were done. We ended up doing a lot more than necessary.

My coach took a few pics today during our workout.

After that WOD we went outside and did a 4 minute team sprint. It felt good to run after all the lifting.

After a shower and some lunch C and I hit the road and headed to my parents house. We are getting some family time in and it’s nice and relaxing here. We had a delicious steak dinner. Tomorrow we have more visiting and then we are actually visiting an old friend of mine from university on our way home.

It’s been a pretty great weekend so far. The only thing missing is J. He’s having a great time on his boys weekend. He deserves it.

What have you done so far this weekend?

Did you get a workout in today?


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