That Old Saying is Right…

You know the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Well I am living proof of it this weekend. J has been away since early Friday and I miss him so much! It’s so weird not having him around and not being able to talk to him throughout the day.

Today was a good day. We were still at my parents house. We got up and did a little shopping. I got some groceries and C got a cute outfit. My sister and her boyfriend came for lunch and he had just run the Toronto half marathon. He ran it in one hour and a half! Insane how fast he is. Last night my sister and I registered for the Around The Bay relay. It’s 15km for each of us. We did it last year and it is an awesome finish line. There’s an amazing energy at the end of that race. And the 2014 race is on my birthday!!!

After lunch we went to visit my friend E who was one of my closest friends from University. She is amazing. She is a teacher and a mom of three boys. We had a nice visit and then headed home. I got a few things done around the house. I made a sausage and artichoke and tomato mixture for the week for lunches. C was exhausted from the day. We are having a sleepover tonight and I have been instructed to bring her into my bed when I go to bed.

Another exciting piece of news is my sister got me these:

Oh Yeah bars are my favourite protein bar and these are flavours I have never tried. I can’t wait to try them!

Tonight I was supposed to do a 2.5 minute plank and I just couldn’t do it. I dropped after a minute. My abs are killing me. I think they are catching up to me! And it’s so hard to do when I don’t have anyone watching and tellingly to hold on. Watching the clock myself is awful.

Well J will be home tomorrow so life will be back to normal. Only one more sleep 🙂

What was the best part of your weekend?


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