One Size Fits All? Nope

Tuesday night I decided to go for a run while C was in her singing class. I really wasn’t feeling it and would has preferred to get a Starby and sit and read my book. But I figured I have a 5km run coming up in a couple weeks and haven’t been running much so I should really do it. It was a chilly day so I figured I needed to pull out my full tights instead of the crops or shorts I usually wear. I could not find them anywhere.  I searched every drawer and my closet but no luck. So I remembered I had bought these cozy sounding fleece lined leggings and I grabbed those. I wore my warm running socks and a tank and a long sleeve running shirt. I even packed my ear warmer head band.

I was warm enough. I had chosen perfectly. I wore my old running shoes because I have been noticing my calves have been sore lately after a run so I thought I would go back to my old runners- my Mizuno’s and that was a good decision. No pain in my calves. But the leggings were a big mistake. When I bought them they only came in one size. One size fits all. Really? Does it? No it doesn’t. Not in this case. And unfortunately for me I discovered this during a run. I pretty much had to hold my pants up during the whole run!


Running warmth… and I’ve missed these shoes

I forgot how good it feels to run in the fall.  I love the leaves and I love when it’s cooler out.  I find it easier to keep going, and it feels good with the cold air.  When I got back to C’s music school I noticed my breath was really wheezy.  It wasn’t hard to breathe or anything, there was just a whistling sound coming from deep in my chest.  So strange.  It went away as I warmed up.

When we got home I did my plank.  It was supposed to be 2.5 minutes.  This was my second attempt at it.  J was out, so I was on my own.  I decided to set the timer and hide my phone so I couldn’t watch the clock.  I think that strategy worked.  I dropped one knee a couple times and then I just lost it and dropped.  It’s totally mental… I know I could have kept going despite the fact that everything hurt.  I was so mad when I saw I only had 10 seconds left!!!  UGH!  I was SO close!  I have another try tonight to get it.

Hope everyone has a great day!  We are halfway to the weekend!

What is your favourite season?

I think mine is probably Spring.


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