Planks, Pitas and Pickling

Wednesday always has a silver lining simply because it’s the middle of the week as we are halfway to the weekend. It’s also a workout day for me. I headed to crossfit after work and got my sweat on.

First I must tell you about my chiro appointment. I had an assessment to see my progress since my injury. My range of motion is almost perfect and she said my strength has improved greatly so that made me feel great. I still can’t do everything but I am definitely getting there.

The strength wod was 10 heavy front squats with a pause at the bottom. I decided to avoid this and did Tuesdays SWOD instead. 3 sets of 10 push press. I tried 55 lbs but it was too heavy for 10 reps. When I set up my bar I was setting it up thinking I was doing push press but it quickly got heavy when I started doing a strict press. So I lowered it to 45lbs.

The WOD was (my modified version) a 12 min AMRAP: 3 clean and jerk, 10 sit-ups and 20 skips

The sit-ups were supposed to be toes to bar or knees to elbows but that motion really bothered my hip so I had to do sit-ups. I was kind of bummed because knees to elbows are killer for the core.

After the WOD I asked my coach to time me for my plank. I was supposed to do a 2.5 minute plank. He used his stopwatch instead of the big clock so I couldn’t see the time. There was lots of encouragement from the class. It felt like an eternity. When he finally counted down from 10 and I dropped he told me that I had actually done 3:05!!! He tricked me but it was amazing. I can’t believe I held it that long.

Later in the evening I went to J’s aunts house and we made pickled beets. She was so nice and offered to help me because she knows that I loved them. It was actually a much easier process than I thought.

I can’t wait to try them! I also was given a bunch of beets to bring home that I can cook on my own. I have a few recipes that I would love to try. And now I know how to peel them really easily. Gloves are required for sure.

Today was a rest day so no crossfit. Just a quiet night at home. No complaints about that. And we are almost at the weekend!!

This weekend is exciting because we have some pretty fun plans for Saturday to celebrate Halloween! I am sure there will be pictures here for you all.

Do you like pickled beets?

Have you got any beet recipes to share?


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