Weekend Workouts and Halloween Hooligans

This was a busy and fun filled weekend, hence the lack of posts from me.  Sorry, my social calendar was rammed!  I did make it to Crossfit Friday after work as well as Saturday morning.   Friday I am having trouble remembering exactly what the workout was.  I know there were some backsquats, box steps, sit ups…. but I can’t recall the exact wod to give a proper run down of it.  Friday night C was at her Dad’s and J and I went to our favourite pub for dinner.

Saturday morning we did in teams of three.  One person would do a 200 m row, one would do sit ups and the other would work on the AMRAP that included, clean and jerk, burpees, pull ups, kettle bell swings, push press, and  back squats.  Then when the rower was done we would rotate.  It was a good one because there was a lot of change up with it.  It was a 27 min AMRAP.  After crossfit I made a quick stop for some last minute costume touches.  I also had a really bad headache Saturday morning.  I get them in relation to the weather and Saturday was a miserable day out.  It rained all day long.  I took some sinus pills and managed to keep it mostly at bay.   I did some groceries for the week and made J and I a really healthy orange chicken meal.  Sorry- no pics.  Blogger fail.  We went by a friends house for a couple drinks before our night out- in costumes.  Unfortunately no one else was in costume at this house so it felt a little awkward.  Then we headed down to the bar and met our other friends down there.  We had a blast.  I did my hair using instructions I found on Pinterest and guess what??!!  It actually turned out amazing!  See for yourself!


We had a blast and I already can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!  I normally don’t love getting dressed up but I felt like this year’s costume really came together nicely.

Sunday was a quiet day of napping.  I did a bunch of meal prep.  I baked some chicken breasts and made some beets with a orange/ honey vinaigrette.  I am enjoying that for lunch today.  I took a picture but it’s not that exciting so I am not going to bother posting it.  This is a busy week and the countdown to Halloween is on!  I will be helping C get the finishing touches on her costume tonight.  She has a wig that does not want to cooperate so we have to figure that out tonight.

Hope you all have a great week!

Are you dressing up at all for Halloween?

J insists we dress up for trick or treating.  I prefer to just wear warm clothes.

Do you spend time on the weekend doing meal prep?

I have to try otherwise my eating slips quickly into quick and unhealthy choices.



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