Race ready… I think

I used to run. A lot. And then I took some time off for awhile because I had a lot of knee issues. Well IT band issues. I also ran as therapy during a really challenging time of my life. It’s really what got me through. Well along with an incredibly supportive family and group of friends. Then I decided it was time to take a break from running and try a new chapter. That’s when I joined CrossFit. That’s shown me new challenges, something different that I needed.

Lately I have been a little bit more drawn to running again. I think it was because I had to take some time off from everything when I was first injured and it made me very anxious. That anxiety is what got me running in the first place. So when I got the ok from my chiro I laced up the trusty Mizuno’s and tried a run. I have only done short runs, quick little 3kms and it’s felt pretty awesome.

This weekend I am doing the 5 km run at the Hamilton Road to Hope. The same race I did my half marathon at two years ago. I decided to go for a quick run tonight and it felt awesome! I felt so free and didn’t want to stop!


I think I will try and go once a week for awhile and see how I do. I have also signed up for the 15 km relay with my sister at the Around the Bay race in March so I need to keep at it for that reason as well. I feel like CrossFit has kept me in such good shape that it was easy to get back into it.

Last nights CrossFit recap. We did Jackie. It’s a nasty workout. It’s a 1000m run, 50 thrusters and 30 pull ups. I did push press instead of thrusters to save my leg from all the squats. Everyone used 45 lbs for the weight. It’s safe to say Jackie kicked my ass.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I’m feeling pretty great!

What’s your favourite Halloween candy?

Mine is always peanut butter cups. Always.

Have you got any races or CrossFit competitions coming up?


3 thoughts on “Race ready… I think

  1. I used to run too. Then started CrossFit and pretty much have only run laps of the gym building as warm up or in a WOD. Did a 1 mile run as part of a WOD a few weeks ago and didn’t die. Almost makes me want to start doing short runs again. I don’t think I’ll get back into marathons or halfs again, but maybe the short stuff will be okay.

    My sister and I thought about doing the ATB relay last year but we never got around to it, then I started CrossFit and stopped running! Oh well. I’m loving CrossFit and don’t really miss the running just every once in a while I think I should start back. We’ll see!

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