Making Progress

Wednesday night WOD happened later than usual but it still happened.  I missed my usual class with my usual peeps because I stayed a little later at work, so I went to the next one.  There were only two of us there for it.  The owner and his girlfriend were there lifting… I witnessed him deadlift 555lbs.  Pretty impressive.  And then our coach for the day was there as well.  He got us started with a warmup and row etc…. the usual.  Then we did our strength WOD.


3 x 10 front squats

5 x 1 push press

I did my first set of front squats with the just the 35lb bar and worked up to 55.  By the 6th one I started to feel pain in my quad where I injured myself, so I just did less reps.  The push press went well.  I worked up to 80lbs for my last one.  That’s the heaviest I have lifted since my injury and it felt good.  I know I could have done more, but I didn’t want to do too much, especially since there was push press in the WOD too.

WOD- 5 rounds

3 min AMRAP

3 burpees to plate

5 push press

8 lunges

This is one of those WOD’s where you see it on the board and think, oh ok, that looks good.  But really it’s a gasser.  I knew better because I got there a little early to do some extra rolling on my legs and feet and saw the previous class when they were just finished round 2 and they already looked spent.  I had to do a modified burpee and used 55 lbs for the first 3 min round for my push press but then I dropped it to 45lbs.  I also switched from lunges to air squats about halfway because they were bothering my leg.  I averaged about 4 rounds per 3 minute round.  I felt good about it.  It really was an ass kicker though, I left there so sweaty.  I felt bad for the person behind me in line at the gas station because I probably didn’t smell very good.

Tonight is Halloween festivities and we are taking C trick or treating.  She is SO excited.  She woke up super early to check if it was raining.  It is a rainy day and unfortunately the forecast says it isn’t going to let up at all.  I doubt it will stop any of the kids tonight though.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!



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