Deadlifts and a Saturday Recap

The weekend is here and I was thrilled to greet it Friday after work. I went straight to CrossFit to celebrate it’s arrival.

1 rm deadlift

Anyone who knows me (or reads this regularly) knows that 1 rm deadlifts is my very favourite SWOD ever. There is no better feeling than stacking those plates on the bar.

I got up to 175lbs. I tried a couple times and couldn’t get it. My coach gave me a couple pointers to my form, I kicked off my shoes and chalked up my hands and bam- pulled it and got it. I was really happy with that weight since my pre injury PR is 185 lbs.

500 m row
40 lunges
30 back squats
20 burpees
30 back squats
40 lunges
500 m row

I subbed the lunges for wall sits and did a modified burpee. I used 60 lbs for my back squat.

After we got home we had a chill night cuddling on the couch. And a visit from a friend.

Today I didn’t make it to my usual Saturday morning CrossFit class because I took C to a terrarium workshop and she had a great time.

After we went and did some Christmas shopping and I got a new pair of boots. My first real pair of winter appropriate boots. I found Sorels for a good price.

J and I had planned to take C to the movies but she was not acting very nice during the afternoon and after some long talks and time in her room we decided we weren’t going to go. We did go out for a nice dinner together and now we are all stuffed laying around.

Here’s hoping Sunday is a good day full of fun and relaxation. Maybe some exercise? We will see.

Did you workout this weekend?

Do you have good winter boots?


Upside Down and Loving It

Wednesday was a usual workout day for me so I went straight from work.  It’s so cold out lately, I really need to stop leaving my gym bag in the car all day.  I don’t like bringing it in the office as I don’t need it in the office so it’s just an extra bag to carry, but the clothes sitting in the car all day are freezing when it’s time to put them on.  Let me tell ya, it’s a special kind of cold putting on an ice cold sports bra.  wow.

Anyway, we had our warm up first as usual.  I have always used the 15 lb bar for my warm ups but the last couple work outs I decided to suck it up and go with the 35lb bar.  It’s definitely tougher but doable so I am glad I decided to increase it.

Our skill we were working on was handstands.  We were taught some different ways to work up to/ modify hand stand push ups.  This included wall walk ups and incline push ups on a box. My coach had me demo everything for the class.  #teacherspet

I spent some time with my coach last year learning how to kick up into a hand stand.  It looks so easy watching people do it, and it doesn’t look like they are kicking hard but you really do have to kick hard.  So we were all working on different modifications depending on you experience.  I just worked on kicking up.  Since it had been several months since I had worked on it I kind of figured I would be starting from scratch.  Nope!  I got it on my first try!  Just kicked up and BAM.  Handstand.  And I was comfortable to hang out there for awhile.  It felt good to have mastered it.  Now I just need to work on my strength for the push up in that position.


3 x 5 strict press (I did 55, 60, 55 lbs)

weighted push ups


10 minutes – EMOTM

3 front squats

ODD min- push ups

EVEN min- sit ups

I used 55 lbs for the front squats.  When setting up I tried 65 and felt pain immediately in my quad, so I lowered to 60 lbs.  My coach wanted to me to stick to 55lbs though because he said he would rather me go lighter and be able to get through all the reps at the same rate and not lower it during the workout.  I agreed so dropped it to 55 lbs.  I am glad I did.

At the end of the workout my coach decided I was going to do a 4 min plank and asked the class if anyone wanted to join me.  You might remember I was doing a 30 day plank challenge awhile back.  Well, I got to 3:30 minutes and then just stopped for no reason!  I think I figured it was pretty incredible I got that long and just kind of stopped.  So my coach challenged me to do 4 minutes last night, but I am definitely out of practice and just did 1:40.

When I got home the house smelled so good from yet another slow cooker creation.  I tried a Spicy Thai Curry Soup.  It looked and smelled delicious.

It looks almost as good as my favourite soup from my Thai restaurant.
It looks almost as good as my favourite soup from my Thai restaurant.

It was disappointing.  J and I kept tasting it and thinking it needed more of this, or more of that.  But we couldn’t figure out what was missing.  It was very sad because I was really excited about it.  C tried it though and she seemed to really like it.  I won’t share the recipe until we master it.  We are not giving up on this soup.

It’s Friday Jr which means the weekend is SO close!

Can you do handstand push ups?

What’s your favourite soup recipe?

Obvious Tips to Stay Cozy

I am not a cold weather person at all. I dread the Winter months. Yes I am Canadian and I should embrace it but nope, I hate it.

I think snow can be beautiful but I don’t want to be outside in it. I hate bundling up. And I don’t have proper boots. I need proper boots. Any suggestions on where I can get some cheap ones that will keep my feet dry?

The weather is getting much colder here and some snow is in the forecast. Yuck.

So I put together a list of tips to stay cozy and keep my complaining to a minimum. Here we go.

1. Blankets. Have them in every room so as soon as you plop yourself down on the couch it’s within arms reach. The fuzzier the better.

2. Fireplace- this is a nice warm touch. It’s especially nice if it’s a real fireplace and you get the fireplace smell with it. Gas will work in a pinch.

3. Tea- this is key for me. Many might go for hot chocolate but that’s not my style. I pick a chai latte from Starbucks every time.


4. Hats- this is important but it could mess up your hair so you really have to commit to wearing it once it’s on.

5. Finally one of my favourites- cuddles. This one works every time. Sharing body heat is very warming and cozy. C is a real cuddler and for a little thing she sure gives off a lot of body heat.

So there you have it folks. Some very obvious tips on how to stay cozy. I had no workout to share with you since my plan was to run but I really didn’t want to deal with the cold temperatures or slippery dusting of snow on the ground.

Do you like winter?

Where should I look for some cute but cheap winter boots?

Back at It

Today was an eventful day. This morning we got great news that our new desks had arrived. So in a frenzy we had to clean out our old ones, move some filing cabinets around and make room for our new bigger desks. I pretty much spent the majority of my work day dealing with getting the desk in. And I still have to unpack everything into it tomorrow!

I made sure to get out of work on time and made it to CrossFit. It was so good to be back at it. And today’s wod did not disappoint.

3 x 5 back squats
3 x 3 strict pull ups

I am having some leg pain so I decided not go squat. The warm up had lots of squats in it and I was using the 35lb bar for it. So I decided to do push press today. I did 55 lbs for two sets and then did 60 lbs for the last one. For my strict pull ups I was able to use the red (thinnest band) and got 2 in with my knee in the band and just one with my foot). I was pretty happy about that. I’m getting a lot stronger with pull ups.

WOD- 5 rounds
1 clean and jerk
4 burpee pull-ups
11 manmakers
25 box jumps

I did a lot of modifying. I did modified burpees and the manmakers were too much for my leg so I subbed those out and did 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and 10 strict dumb bell presses in place of them. It kept me at about the same time as everyone else.

I used 55 lbs for the clean and jerks and 10lb dumbbells for the presses. I should have used higher but thought I was doing manmakers.

It felt great! So good to be back!


I wore my favourite shirt for my return to CrossFit.

We had my slow cooker beef stew for dinner and it turned out good. C really seemed to enjoy it. Then C and I watched the Mr Bean Christmas special. She was laughing so hard. This was her favourite part.


Do you like Mr Bean?
I used to love that show.

Did you work out today?

Sunday Prep Day and a Recipe

The weekend is wrapping up and I don’t have any workouts to summarize. Still not feeling 100% so I continued to rest for the weekend. I did have a pretty wonderful weekend despite still feeling sick.

Saturday my good friend and “roomie” from university came for a visit. She has 3 boys and this was our first visit without kids since we had kids! Crazy! That’s seven years! She came without the boys and J kept C for me (they went to climb hay bails) and E and I went to the spa and got manicures. Then we went to my favourite pub and we had a beer and some apps. It was so nice to hang out and we definitely need to plan to do it again soon. When we got home we played the game of Life with C. We used to play it all the time when we lived together.

That night J and I went for dinner with 2 other couples. The meal was a little disappointing but the company couldn’t be beat.

This morning we both woke up feeling crappy again. Our sinuses just do not want to clear. It’s so uncomfortable. I had hoped to go for a run but it’s quite cold out and I thought since I am just getting over bronchitis I probably shouldn’t.

I went groceries and then spent the afternoon doing a ton of meal prep for the week. I also planned most of our meals out. Tomorrow will be slow cooker beef stew. I got all the veggies chopped and the meat is browned. Just need to throw it all together in the morning. I also planned my snacks and got those all sorted out. I made a big batch of homemade chicken fingers for C’s lunches. Tonight dinner was eggplant Parmesan.


Here is the recipe for the eggplant parm. It really could not be easier.

I make a big pot of homemade meat sauce with veggies in it. It’s from scratch so no processed sauce in this house.

I slice up the eggplant and salt it and place it between two paper towels. The salt brings out some of the bitterness that can happen. Then I put the eggplant on a foil lined baking sheet that I spray with cooking spray. I drizzle it with olive oil and shake some bread crumbs on it. I cook it on 400 for… ummm, no idea. Maybe it was 20 minutes? Sorry. I just check it and when it looks ready take it out.

Then I assemble the eggplant like a lasagne. A layer of eggplant, layer of meat sauce, some mozzarella cheese and repeat the layers. The last layer is meat and then I sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on it. I was not very generous with the cheese because I was trying to keep it on the healthy side.

Then bake it back at 400 for another 20 minutes or so.


That’s all there is to it. It’s delicious and will make great lunches for the week. It will also help increase my veggie intake which I am trying to do for the HBBC challenge I am participating in.

I also discovered something delicious for dessert. Presidents Choice has a chocolate flavoured Greek yogurt. I picked some up and made this dessert.



Now I’m just watching the American Music Awards and heading to bed early. I’m hoping another good sleep will help me be able to finally go back to Crossfit! It’s been a week!

What was the best part of your weekend?
Mine was the girl time with an old friend.

Did you meal prep for the week?

Sniffle, Sniffle, Cough, Cough

Hi friends.  Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I haven’t had much to say on account of the fact that I haven’t been up to much of anything.  I have been a sickie.  I have gotten to know my couch quite well.  I haven’t made any awesome recipes to share really because I haven’t been eating much.  This cold has taken my appetite.  I did make a meatball chicken soup the other day that turned out nice.  It was similar to my Quinoa Sausage soup that I made last week.

I haven’t written about any workouts because there have been none of those either!  Awful right???  I miss it terribly.  I am hoping to be back next Monday.  Maybe a run Sunday?  We have to see how it goes given that I am short of breath even sitting in one place.  I have bronchitis and a sinus infection.  A double whammy.

Feel free to send some sympathy my way.  It’s exhausting feeling sorry for myself all on my own.  (whine, whine, cough).

I will be back friends, hopefully with lots to say after the weekend.  I hope you are all having awesome weeks!


Making Progress and Double Under Drama

I finally felt a bit better today so I went to crossfit after work. My friend went earlier in the day so she told me what the wod was and it sounded like something I could handle feeling less than 100%.

We warmed up with double unders and that thing that all girls talk about happened to me today.

Yep. I peed. I never really understood the jokes about it but it does happen. Not the best feeling in the world. Too much information? #sorryimnotsorry

5 sets of 3 back squats
5 sets of 5 strict press

I have been stuck at 55lbs since my injury on my back squats but today I raised the weight and happily was able to increase to 80lbs today! Progress? Definitely.

I worked up to 55 lbs with my strict press. I could have tried heavier but I decided to just stop there since I am not feeling 100%.

100 sit ups
75 lunges
50 man makers

I find man makers tough with the getting up and down motion so to modify I did mine as push ups with rows. I didn’t get up and do the thruster movement. I finished in about 14:30.

For dinner I had promised C tacos. I usually use taco seasoning from a package but today I just seasoned it myself and it was very good. So no more buying the processed packages of seasoning. Also since I am cutting back on breads I didn’t use the tortilla and had mine with a sweet potato. It was very tasty!

What was your workout today?

Have you ever experienced the above mentioned double under problem?