Halloween Fun and Mother Nature is not Cooperating

Yesterday was Halloween and it was lots of fun.  It’s so cute seeing how excited all the kiddos are for the day.  C woke up so early twice to check on the weather and woke me up both times to give me a report on what the weather was doing.  I wasn’t thrilled about the wake ups given that I had an opportunity to sleep in a little bit since I had to go for an allergy test before work.  She decided not to wear her actual costume for the day and ended up wearing her jammies instead as her costume.  She looked cute- sorry- mom fail, I didn’t take a picture.

After work J and I went and picked her up and we grabbed dinner and then headed to her friend’s house for trick or treating in their survey.  We live in the country so we would have to drive to trick or treat and she wanted to go with her friend.  J convinced me to wear a costume trick or treating, which is something that I haven’t done in the 7 years I have taken her out.  We actually had fun with it.

we make a cute team right?
we make a cute team right?
Mario and Luigi
Mario and Luigi

After trick or treating in the survey we had a few more stops in the country to make so we did those driving.  Then it was home to sort all the candy.  I let J and C take care of that on their own and I did lunch making and prep for the next day.

Mother Nature was not very kind in that it rained ALL day yesterday.  It was actually quite warm for trick or treating but it was raining and it got really windy.  This morning we woke up to a lot of wind as well.  It was raining this morning as well.  I just went out for lunch and it wasn’t raining but it was still damp and very windy.

I am really hoping tomorrow is nicer as we have our Road to Hope 5km race in the morning and C has her 1km.  I hope the rain can hold off for us.  I don’t mind running in the rain but I would prefer it to be sunny.  And the wind would NOT be fun to run in that’s for sure.  After the race my whole family is gathering to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.  It was yesterday- yep, he’s a Halloween baby!

Happy Birthday Dad! xoxox

Wish me luck on my first race in over 6 months!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Do you like running in the rain?

I usually don’t mind it, but not a torrential rain accompanied by high winds.  No thanks.

What are you excited about this weekend?

I’m most excited for the family time.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Halloween Fun and Mother Nature is not Cooperating

  1. Good luck on your race, I hope it stays dry for it.

    I’m most excited to relax and hang out with James (my James obvi) since he was away for a week. I think we might go to the movies and have a low-key weekend since we’ll be traveling next weekend.

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