Race Recap- Hamilton Road to Hope 5km

Yesterday I ran the Hamilton Road to Hope 5km race with my sister, her boyfriend and her son (my nephew who is 12). C ran the 1km kids run. We got up bright and early and woke to grey skies…again. Boo. We got ourselves ready and bundled up and headed to the race. The kids run was at 9:30 and ours was at 10:00.

C did great. She ran all by herself and she was really excited for it. It was not warm out and we were all damp from standing around waiting for the run.

It was so fun all of us cheering her on. We were all so proud of her. My parents were with us as well and they stood watching us all run huddled under an umbrella because it rained the whole time. Same with my niece. They were real troopers.

Then it was time for us to head over to the start line. My nephew and my sisters boyfriend went right up to the front because they are speedsters (they ran in about 23 minutes!!) and my sister and I were about middle of the pack. It felt so good to be racing again. I forgot about the rush you get when you start off. Even though it was not a very nice day it was actually perfect running conditions. It was kind of a misty rain and I was warm enough in the long sleeve running top I chose. It felt great! I finished in 29:01. I am pretty sure that’s a personal best for me aside from the St. Patty’s day downhill race I do every year. But that race is 3km downhill so it’s a fast route. I honestly wasn’t going into this race even thinking about my time because I haven’t been running. But once I got going I realized I was going fast! I don’t use a fancy GPS watch or any type of tracking program so I honestly had no clue what my time would be. I was on such a high when I finished I wanted to immediately go sign up for another race.


The best part of all if it was the fact that we did it as a family. After the race we all went out for lunch to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. It was such a fun day. Here is the awesome cake he had.

After lunch my parents stayed at our house one more night and we spent the rest of the day cozy on the couch watching tv. After being damp all morning we just wanted to be cozy and warm.

Today is a day of running errands, groceries and meal prep for the week. And hopefully a little bit of relaxing in there too.

What are you up to today?

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?


One thought on “Race Recap- Hamilton Road to Hope 5km

  1. Great run time!! It’s awesome you can do these activites as a family! My 13 year old runs with me- I think it is soooo great to get kids involved in running and encourage physical activity. Kudos to your family for including the kiddos! 🙂 Today, I have a 3.5 mile run planned, and a 30 min. strength workout. And, hopefully, will end with a few minutes in the hot tub. 🙂

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