Marvelous Monday and Rememberance Day Wod’s

I never thought I would see the day that I would wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Monday morning.  But that was me yesterday.  I woke up and was like “ok world, let’s do this!”.  I was out of bed, showered, made and ate breakfast and put dinner in the slow cooker and still made it to work on time.  There was no rushing around or stressing.  I guess the time change really works for me.  Today was a bit of a different story, but I digress.

Monday evening means CrossFit and it was a real ass kicker.  Our coach has special Remembrance Day Wod’s planned for everyday leading up to Remembrance Day next Monday.

always remember
always remember

The WOD focused on World War 1 and we started with a strength WOD.  We had to strict press a total of 1914 pounds, (the year the war started) and then we had to back squat 1918 pounds (the year it ended).  This was harder when you don’t have a heavier weight on your bar.  I did as many as I could at 55 lbs to start (strict press), then did a bunch at 45lbs and then eventually dropped to 35lbs and I still had over 20 reps to do at that weight.  My arms were killed.  The same for the back squat because I can only do 55lbs with my leg right now so I had A LOT of reps to bang off.

Then the WOD:

4 rounds (war lasted 4 years)

40 m sprint (represented the distance of the first flame throwers used)

30 (countries involved) goblet squats

15 (million died) burpees

20 (million wounded) thrusters

48 (ton Howitzer invented called Big Bertha- named after the inventors wife) lunges

This was NOT an easy WOD.  There were a lot of reps.  I modified the goblet squats to air squats, burpees to sit ups, thrusters to push press and 48 skips instead of lunges.  It was really important to our coach to NOT skip any reps, so if we had to modify he was fine with that.  With my injury after all that lifting in the SWOD I modified indeed.  And it was still a gasser.

I got home and was happy to remember that I already had dinner made.  Another daymaker was I had not one but two deliveries waiting for me.  One was my lulu tights I ordered for warmer running, and the other was 4 boxes of Oh Yeah bars in awesome flavours.  I settled in with my soup on the couch and accompanied it with some beets and pickles.

Squash and Sausage Soup = deliciousness

C and I spent some time doing mad libs before she went to bed.   J came home around 815 just in time to see her.  He had been gone since Saturday morning so we were both glad to have him home.  Tonight we have our busy night and I plan to run.  I was all excited to run in my new tights so of course it warmed up today.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

What made your day great yesterday?

What are you looking forward to today?


One thought on “Marvelous Monday and Rememberance Day Wod’s

  1. that sounds like an awesome day! especially that dinner was already warm and ready for when you got home. I love that, you can literally feel the weight lifted off your shoulders.

    I’m doing slow cooker pulled pork for dinner tomorrow night, and i can’t wait!

    What was great about my day yesterday was 90 minutes of hot yoga to decompress after an insane work day. It was an awesome workout and I’m still feeling great today!

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