I Made Something Delicious

Yesterday was another busy evening for me but I loved it. I had a hair appointment and I restored my youthful appearance. I feel pretty again! When I got home it was around 730 so we needed to come up with something for a late dinner. J had made some hardboiled eggs as we keep them in the fridge to snack on. I have been on a real kick with them for breakfast. So he suggested egg salad sandwiches. I made a delicious batch of egg salad with pickles, chili powder, paprika and of course s & p. I didn’t want mine on bread though with it being late at night, and I am trying to eat less bread right now. So I came up with this:

Egg salad in an avocado
Egg salad in an avocado

It was SO good!!! I enjoyed every bite and I wished I had more of it. Of course I had it with beets because I am a little obsessed with those right now too. It was a great solution to bread for a later night dinner.

I went to CrossFit after work. Tonight’s workout started with a SWOD that had us lifting front squat to a total of 2700 lbs. I did it with a partner because both of us are dealing with injuries where we can’t go too heavy for our squat weight. We got through it pretty quickly.

There were two wods. The first was a 3000m row. You were to do it in partners. While your partner rows the other partner does a wall sit. We decided to break ours into 500m sets. There was a 14 minute time cap. We were so close we only had 140m left!

The second wod was a nasty one. It was a total of 445 burpees! Every time you switch over you had to do 4 lunges. You could break it up however you wanted but only one partner was working at once. This also had a 14 minute cap. Since I can’t do burpees I paired with another girl that isn’t doing them right now and we went between push ups and sit ups. We killed it and actually got 480 reps in the 14 minutes.

Not a bad workout. Afterwards I went to pick up C from Brownies. It was the enrolment night where they had the ceremony where they officially became Brownies. It was cute to watch.

When I finally got a chance to eat dinner it was really late. So guess what I made! You know it. Egg salad! I ate it with a couple wheat thin crackers. It was so yummy!

Today is my Friday as I am off tomorrow. I’m also off Monday and I have some pretty awesome things to look forward to. Tomorrow is a trip to the Royal Winter Fair and Saturday and Sunday we have J’s birthday celebrations.

Hope you are all having a great week and gearing up for the weekend!

Did you go to Brownies when you were little?
I did and I totally remembered the little prayer and statement they did. So cute!

What are you excited about this weekend?


One thought on “I Made Something Delicious

  1. i didn’t do any kind of girl scouts, but I think it’s because I was in so many sports my mom might have gone nutz with one more!! OHH i miss eggs, I don’t miss how they made me feel, but man they were an easy filling food!

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