A Busy Weekend and The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun!  Friday I went to the gym in the morning and I can’t remember the workout exactly but I do remember there were clean and press, push ups and squats and sit ups.  It left me sore for a couple days!  My BFF K and I caught the train after lunch and headed down to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and we had an absolute blast.  J was already down there and we met him and his sister down there.  There’s a big cow show and then there are a ton of celebrations in the cow barn afterwards.  And then we hit up the bar for a ton of dancing.

Good times at the Royal
Good times at the Royal

Saturday we came home in the morning and caught up on sleep (it was a late night).  Then I helped J do chores at the farm since he was on his own.  I don’t know if “help” is the best word.  I tried not to get in the way and mostly just kept him company.

Just milkin'
Just milkin’

We went out Saturday night with a group of friends to celebrate his birthday.  (It’s tomorrow).  The Sunday was a family brunch and some naps.  I had today off which was awesome because there was lots I wanted to get done.  Also my friend L is in town from Vancouver so we got to meet for lunch.  I am not feeling 100% today as I am getting a cold.  Poor J has it full blown and is really under the weather.

In other exciting news I signed up for the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge with Amanda from Run to the Finish.  You can check out the information on her awesome blog here.  You should definitely check it out and consider joining in on the fun.  You can win some awesome prizes just by eating healthy and exercising!

What do you think, are you up for the challenge?

Have you ever helped milk cows before?


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