Whiney Weekend

Well I am no longer just under the weather, I am officially sick. Boooo. Last night I was able to just relax and J took care of dinner. He made us the most delicious meal of pork chops and veggies.

We watched an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and shared J’s birthday gift from C. Check it out.

That’s a 1 pound peanut butter cup right there. It was sooo good.

Today we had a nice quiet morning with pancakes and bacon. C and I did some running around and went to Target and then we did our groceries. I got lots of healthy stuff for meal prep. I am trying to up my veggies intake as part of the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge that I am participating in. (There’s a link in my sidebar for more information if you are interested).

This afternoon was just what I needed. A lot of couch time and relaxing. J and I are babysitting my friends boys tonight and they came this afternoon. The weather was beautiful today so they played outside for a really long time. It’s amazing how long 3 kids can play on a hill. They just rolled all over the hill. We even saw them try and roll up it.

We ordered pizza and are going to have a movie night for them. Then after they are all tucked away J and I are going to watch the big UFC fight.

How is your weekend so far? What’s the highlight been?


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