Like a Boss

This has been a quite yet eventful weekend. We finished off yesterday with staying up late to watch the big UFC fight. It did not disappoint…until the final fight of the night. Neither J or I was satisfied with the ending of the GSP fight. Hendricks was robbed!

The sleepover was successful. The kids went to bed fine and slept great and even slept in! We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and I think they had a great time.

J and C and I went bowling this afternoon and we played two games. We had a blast! I even won a game! I think J must have been getting tired for me to have beat him. Also I think the bumpers served me well. If you ask him he will tell you he let me win.


C and I then went to a little get together at J’s sisters house and had a nice visit. When we got home I got right into some serious business. Meal prep.

I was meal prepping like a boss. Check it.

I did some hard boiled eggs for snacks as well as some veggies and hummus. Also some fruit (berries, grapes and pom seeds) and I cooked up some cheddar jalapeño sausage for with my breakfast. Also yesterday I made a turkey sausage quinoa soup that I pretty much just made up on the spot and I have to say it turned out really good! I have that for lunches this week. I am set for the next couple days for meal prep. It’s a lot of work but if I do it I stick to it and eat much better. So it’s worth the work.

Sadly the weekend went by with no workouts for me. I hate that feeling but at the same time my body is thanking me. I needed the rest to get over this cold. I don’t think I’ve seen the end of it though. I am still feeling pretty crappy. I’m hopeful I will make it to crossfit tomorrow but am not holding my breath.

Did you watch the UFC fight last night? Did you agree with the GSP decision?

Do you do meal prep on the weekends for the week?


2 thoughts on “Like a Boss

  1. Great work on your meal prep! I didn’t do any yesterday because I’m traveling today & tomorrow for work again and then all of a sudden it will be Wednesday. I made a huge homemade lasagna as our pre-race meal on Saturday night though, so we’ll just have that for lunches and stuff I guess.

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