Making Progress and Double Under Drama

I finally felt a bit better today so I went to crossfit after work. My friend went earlier in the day so she told me what the wod was and it sounded like something I could handle feeling less than 100%.

We warmed up with double unders and that thing that all girls talk about happened to me today.

Yep. I peed. I never really understood the jokes about it but it does happen. Not the best feeling in the world. Too much information? #sorryimnotsorry

5 sets of 3 back squats
5 sets of 5 strict press

I have been stuck at 55lbs since my injury on my back squats but today I raised the weight and happily was able to increase to 80lbs today! Progress? Definitely.

I worked up to 55 lbs with my strict press. I could have tried heavier but I decided to just stop there since I am not feeling 100%.

100 sit ups
75 lunges
50 man makers

I find man makers tough with the getting up and down motion so to modify I did mine as push ups with rows. I didn’t get up and do the thruster movement. I finished in about 14:30.

For dinner I had promised C tacos. I usually use taco seasoning from a package but today I just seasoned it myself and it was very good. So no more buying the processed packages of seasoning. Also since I am cutting back on breads I didn’t use the tortilla and had mine with a sweet potato. It was very tasty!

What was your workout today?

Have you ever experienced the above mentioned double under problem?


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