Back at It

Today was an eventful day. This morning we got great news that our new desks had arrived. So in a frenzy we had to clean out our old ones, move some filing cabinets around and make room for our new bigger desks. I pretty much spent the majority of my work day dealing with getting the desk in. And I still have to unpack everything into it tomorrow!

I made sure to get out of work on time and made it to CrossFit. It was so good to be back at it. And today’s wod did not disappoint.

3 x 5 back squats
3 x 3 strict pull ups

I am having some leg pain so I decided not go squat. The warm up had lots of squats in it and I was using the 35lb bar for it. So I decided to do push press today. I did 55 lbs for two sets and then did 60 lbs for the last one. For my strict pull ups I was able to use the red (thinnest band) and got 2 in with my knee in the band and just one with my foot). I was pretty happy about that. I’m getting a lot stronger with pull ups.

WOD- 5 rounds
1 clean and jerk
4 burpee pull-ups
11 manmakers
25 box jumps

I did a lot of modifying. I did modified burpees and the manmakers were too much for my leg so I subbed those out and did 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and 10 strict dumb bell presses in place of them. It kept me at about the same time as everyone else.

I used 55 lbs for the clean and jerks and 10lb dumbbells for the presses. I should have used higher but thought I was doing manmakers.

It felt great! So good to be back!


I wore my favourite shirt for my return to CrossFit.

We had my slow cooker beef stew for dinner and it turned out good. C really seemed to enjoy it. Then C and I watched the Mr Bean Christmas special. She was laughing so hard. This was her favourite part.


Do you like Mr Bean?
I used to love that show.

Did you work out today?


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