Upside Down and Loving It

Wednesday was a usual workout day for me so I went straight from work.  It’s so cold out lately, I really need to stop leaving my gym bag in the car all day.  I don’t like bringing it in the office as I don’t need it in the office so it’s just an extra bag to carry, but the clothes sitting in the car all day are freezing when it’s time to put them on.  Let me tell ya, it’s a special kind of cold putting on an ice cold sports bra.  wow.

Anyway, we had our warm up first as usual.  I have always used the 15 lb bar for my warm ups but the last couple work outs I decided to suck it up and go with the 35lb bar.  It’s definitely tougher but doable so I am glad I decided to increase it.

Our skill we were working on was handstands.  We were taught some different ways to work up to/ modify hand stand push ups.  This included wall walk ups and incline push ups on a box. My coach had me demo everything for the class.  #teacherspet

I spent some time with my coach last year learning how to kick up into a hand stand.  It looks so easy watching people do it, and it doesn’t look like they are kicking hard but you really do have to kick hard.  So we were all working on different modifications depending on you experience.  I just worked on kicking up.  Since it had been several months since I had worked on it I kind of figured I would be starting from scratch.  Nope!  I got it on my first try!  Just kicked up and BAM.  Handstand.  And I was comfortable to hang out there for awhile.  It felt good to have mastered it.  Now I just need to work on my strength for the push up in that position.


3 x 5 strict press (I did 55, 60, 55 lbs)

weighted push ups


10 minutes – EMOTM

3 front squats

ODD min- push ups

EVEN min- sit ups

I used 55 lbs for the front squats.  When setting up I tried 65 and felt pain immediately in my quad, so I lowered to 60 lbs.  My coach wanted to me to stick to 55lbs though because he said he would rather me go lighter and be able to get through all the reps at the same rate and not lower it during the workout.  I agreed so dropped it to 55 lbs.  I am glad I did.

At the end of the workout my coach decided I was going to do a 4 min plank and asked the class if anyone wanted to join me.  You might remember I was doing a 30 day plank challenge awhile back.  Well, I got to 3:30 minutes and then just stopped for no reason!  I think I figured it was pretty incredible I got that long and just kind of stopped.  So my coach challenged me to do 4 minutes last night, but I am definitely out of practice and just did 1:40.

When I got home the house smelled so good from yet another slow cooker creation.  I tried a Spicy Thai Curry Soup.  It looked and smelled delicious.

It looks almost as good as my favourite soup from my Thai restaurant.
It looks almost as good as my favourite soup from my Thai restaurant.

It was disappointing.  J and I kept tasting it and thinking it needed more of this, or more of that.  But we couldn’t figure out what was missing.  It was very sad because I was really excited about it.  C tried it though and she seemed to really like it.  I won’t share the recipe until we master it.  We are not giving up on this soup.

It’s Friday Jr which means the weekend is SO close!

Can you do handstand push ups?

What’s your favourite soup recipe?


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