Deadlifts and a Saturday Recap

The weekend is here and I was thrilled to greet it Friday after work. I went straight to CrossFit to celebrate it’s arrival.

1 rm deadlift

Anyone who knows me (or reads this regularly) knows that 1 rm deadlifts is my very favourite SWOD ever. There is no better feeling than stacking those plates on the bar.

I got up to 175lbs. I tried a couple times and couldn’t get it. My coach gave me a couple pointers to my form, I kicked off my shoes and chalked up my hands and bam- pulled it and got it. I was really happy with that weight since my pre injury PR is 185 lbs.

500 m row
40 lunges
30 back squats
20 burpees
30 back squats
40 lunges
500 m row

I subbed the lunges for wall sits and did a modified burpee. I used 60 lbs for my back squat.

After we got home we had a chill night cuddling on the couch. And a visit from a friend.

Today I didn’t make it to my usual Saturday morning CrossFit class because I took C to a terrarium workshop and she had a great time.

After we went and did some Christmas shopping and I got a new pair of boots. My first real pair of winter appropriate boots. I found Sorels for a good price.

J and I had planned to take C to the movies but she was not acting very nice during the afternoon and after some long talks and time in her room we decided we weren’t going to go. We did go out for a nice dinner together and now we are all stuffed laying around.

Here’s hoping Sunday is a good day full of fun and relaxation. Maybe some exercise? We will see.

Did you workout this weekend?

Do you have good winter boots?


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