Bestie Bound!

Today I started off the day right and headed to a morning CrossFit class since I don’t work today. The WOD was a killer for the legs and they were like jelly when we finished.

7 x 2 deadlifts
7 x 2 strict pull ups

We got to 155 lbs for the deadlifts and when we increased to 165 lbs I just got one not two. I used the thinnest band for all my pull ups.

8 rounds
1 min squats
1 min push press

The idea was to get to 60 squats on the first minute. If you didn’t, then you had to do whatever was left for push press. For example on my first round I got 50 squats so I had to do 10 push press in the second minute. I used 45 lbs and then dropped to 35 lbs after the first minute.

Those squats were killer! My legs felt shaky after the first round!

Now we are headed to visit my bestie for a couple days and I am super excited about it. There will be lots of selfies posted on Instagram I am sure.

Did you workout today?

What’s your plan for New Years Eve?
We are going to a dinner dance.


Recovery Mode

What a whirlwind the past few days have been. The holidays are a wonderful time to visit with family but I always find it to be really hectic too. So I’m not sad that it’s over.

I managed to get a run in on Boxing Day and it felts great to get moving after two days of eating. It was snowy but not too cold to run. It was quite pretty, here are some scenes from my run.

After two more Christmas meals it was finally back to CrossFit yesterday. It had been 4 days off for me and it felt so good to be back at it. It was a really busy class so we worked in teams of three.

500 m row
125 DB Thrusters
125 push press
300 lunges
400 sit ups

All 3 had to do the row. Then one at a time working through the rest. When you wanted to change over to someone else to take over it was 3 burpees for both other team mates for the thrusters and squats and then 5 squats for the push press. The sit ups were different in that during the one person working the other two had to hold plank.

After CrossFit I went to the chiropractor. It’s conveniently located next to my favourite running store which was having a Boxing Day sale. I bought myself a new pair of running shoes and a really nice jacket. We did some more shopping during the afternoon.

Last night we had some friends over and watched the Rousey and Tate UFC fight. What a fight!!! And the Silva fight was pretty crazy too!!

This morning we went out for breakfast and I got this amazing meal.


Tonight we have one more Christmas dinner to attend and then tomorrow we have a mini vacation to visit one of my BFF’s for New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait!

What was the highlight of your holiday season?

Did you watch last nights UFC fights?

Team Tate or Team Rousey?

Merry Christmas to all…

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of activity. I was still working yesterday (Monday) and I thought it would be quiet but it ended up being very busy. I got out on time to hit up one more CrossFit class before the holidays.

Work to a 1 rm strict press. I got to 70lbs. It wasn’t a PR but I was happy with it. I was also cleaning the bar and didn’t use a rack so I feel like that is relevant.

4 rds (:45 s work/ :15 s to travel)
Box jumps
Thrusters (DB- I used 12 lbs)
Jack knives
Wall ball

After two rounds we had a 2 min rest.

It was a tiring one and it felt good to get sweaty. I headed home and got showered and we went to J’s sisters house for a Christmas dinner. Then I pretty much went right to bed.

Today I worked until noon and did my final shopping trip. We got ready and headed to my parents house for a delicious steak and lobster dinner.

My parents have the most beautiful decorations.

It’s off to bed I go because as I said to C- the sooner we get to bed the sooner Santa comes. I hope everyone is having an amazing night with family and friends and Christmas cheer. Remember to try and relax and look around and enjoy it before it’s all gone because all the excitement is gone so quickly.

Merry Christmas!!

What a Beautiful Mess

It’s been a pretty interesting couple of days around here. And pretty messy too. Friday was a typical Friday, it was ugly out, rainy and grey. I hit up CrossFit after work for my usual class. Our strength wod I decided to work on lifts when everyone else was squatting. There weren’t enough racks so my trainer let me lift at his lifting cage. It’s currently decorated for the holidays so he even turned the lights on for me. It must have really helped to be so festive and there was a Christmas miracle. I hit a new PR with my push press and did 102 lbs!

50 sit ups
50 KB swings
50 push ups
25 jack knives
25 push press
25 burpees

C had a sleepover with her brownies group and she was super excited about it. J and I went for dinner at our favourite pub because I was craving nachos like nobody’s business. We had a delicious meal and definitely overdid it. I was so full all night.

Saturday morning I picked her up and we headed to CrossFit. It was a group WOD that involved push press, squats, manmakers and burpees. It was a friendly competition which we did not win. Everyone had an awesome workout though so I still think we were winners.

After some down time at home I went and did my groceries for the week including all our festive planning. I also did some gift wrapping. I got a pretty good dent in it and just have a little more to do I think.

It was a really rainy day yesterday and as the day went on it got icier and icier out. J had to do a lot of salting. This morning when he got up at 530 for chores we discovered the power was out. After a chilly morning with no power we decided to go across to the farm as they had power. We did a ton of Christmas baking and then the power went off there too.

There is ice on EVERYTHING. Branches are down all over the place. It’s crazy because it’s so so pretty but so nasty.



There is power out all over the area. I have heard some places won’t have it for 72 hours! I hope we get it back before that! Until then we are hanging out at the farm where they have a generator keeping things running. J went down the road where the crews were working and they had said about an hour but it’s been longer than that.

Keep yours fingers crossed for us that we get power soon!

When was the last time you were in a power outage?

Have you had any crazy weather lately?

Deadlifts and Daymakers

Today I hit up a CrossFit class after work and my usual crew was there including my bestie K. For strength I worked on my deadlift. After the last couple days I soooo needed to lift heavy so this was just what I needed. I paired with another girl and we worked together. We worked to a 1 rep max and I hit a PR of 190 lbs! Pretty amazing feeling.

10 min- EMOTM
7 hang cleans
Odd- push ups
Even- sit ups

This was a knock you on your ass workout. The hang cleans I did at 55 lbs and I was wiped. I also got complimented on my form for them by our coach.

After we got home we had to get stuff ready for the last day of school tomorrow. Then we had a dinner with all the people who worked at the corn stand this summer. It was a lot of fun.

The highlight of my day was when C gave me this card.

Isn’t it the sweetest? It totally made my night. That’s all from me today as I heading to bed in preparation for a looooong day tomorrow.

What was your workout today?

What was the highlight of your day?

It Could Always be Worse

What a crazy week this has been and it’s only Tuesday! Work has been insane for me, and there has been a lot of things weighing on me that really took a toll today. I blame the full moon. I swear shit always hits the fan when it’s a full moon. It could also explain why C has been super hyper. That or the fact that Christmas is a week away!

Saturday night was my work party and we had a blast. Traveling to our destination was a whole other story. What a nightmare!!! As I mentioned in my last post we had a bit of a winter storm and it made for quite a nasty drive full of adventure. Mental note, they make WINTER windshield washer fluid for a reason. SUMMER fluid FREEZES in Winter. Ooops. Anyway, my goal of looking great in my dress and watching my eating for the past several weeks paid off and I felt awesome in my dress.

I clean up alright don't I?
I clean up alright don’t I?

The next day I wasn’t feeling the best. You could say I had too many bevvies. Not a great day, but it did allow for a lot of relaxation and couch cuddles. Monday was back to reality and back to work. It was a hectic day so I was eager to get to Crossfit after work.


5 x 3 front squats

3 x 2 push press, 3 x 1 push press

I got to 85 (I think) with my front squats. For push press I worked up to 1 at 95 and that made me happy. My max pre injury was 100 lbs so I am definitely seeing gains.

The wod we did involved plate press and lunges, neither of which feel great for my quad so after a couple of lengths of plate push he gave me a different wod.

100 push ups. Every fail or break I had to skip 50 times.

Not my favourite workout but it was still a good sweat and I was sore today. I think I am even still sore from the 12 Days of Christmas WOD.

After dinner I did some Christmas baking and made salted caramel pretzel bark as well as another chocolate caramel bark with saltine crackers.  I think one more batch of my shortbread caramel squares and all the baking I need will be done.

This morning was off to a good start.  I woke up early and got an at home WOD in.  I did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of burpees and sit ups.  Let’s just say burpees are one hell of a way to wake up.  I got a good sweat on and took some sweet selfies and check out this back progress!


Today as I mentioned was a tough day.  It was challenging and left me thinking really hard about some decisions I made and whether I made the right ones.  I found this quote recently on Pinterest and it really resonated with me tonight.


The upside of my day- coming home to a sweet little girl who was happy to see me and give me a ton of hugs; and the best guy a girl could have to make me dinner, poor me a beer and help me organize my lift.  And to listen to me complain about my day.  I am lucky for sure.  I did a round of Tabata (russian twist) and foam rolled my achy legs and now I am off to watch Teen Mom 2 and drink my beer while I ice my leg and realize it could always be worse.  I don’t have it so bad after all.  Blessed.

What makes you feel better after a rough day?


Did you do any Christmas baking?

12 Days of Christmas

I am a little behind on posting. What can I say I have been a very busy lady the past could of days. I took Friday off work to try and get some stuff done since my weekends have been jam packed and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

The day started with a morning CrossFit class. It was funny because a couple of my usual afternoon friends were there too.

Work to a 3 RM back squat and strict press
I did 105 lbs for my back squat and 55 lbs for my strict press.

WOD- 18 min AMRAP
200 m row
20 DB thrusters
10 push ups
20 sit ups
30 s wall sit
30 s plank

This was actually a partner wod but it was an uneven number so I did this on my own as above. The partner wod was a little different. The most exciting thing for me with this wod is I was able to do all the push ups without my knees!!! My coach was really impressed with me.

The rest of the day I did some errands and some Christmas shopping. I think I am almost done. It was a cold and snowy (off and on) day.


After I picked C up from school we went and got our nails done.


This morning we woke up to Winter. There is a lot of snow on the ground. I went to CrossFit after clearing a ton of snow off my car. Today was our annual 12 Days of Christmas wod. It is a killer. It’s basically like the song. So you have to follow it along and go though the whole thing again as though you were singing it.

Here’s how it looked.
1 deadlift (135 lbs)
2 goblet squats
3 push ups
4 clean and jerk (45lbs)
5 burpees
6 sit ups
7 thrusters (45lbs)
8 dips
9 push press (45lbs)
10 lunges
11 squats
12 man makers

I think what killed me the most was every time we had to do those thrusters. Ugh. It took me just over 36 minutes to finish this. We also listened to Christmas carols while we did this.

We are headed to my work adults Christmas party tonight and dropping C off at my mom and dads. On our way we made a stop for J to get a new suit. C and I had some fun in the mirrors.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Are you doing anything festive this weekend?

Which movement in the above wod do you think would be the toughest?
Mine was definitely the thrusters.