Runday and a Recipe

Today started off the way any Sunday should.  Sleeping in, pancakes (chocolate chip for J and C) and bacon.  Gimme all the bacon.  C is feeling under the weather so we kept today low key.  We went to see the movie Frozen which I thought was really cute.  We did a few groceries, got some tea and hot chocolate and she spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch.  I hope it’s just a one day thing and she is more herself tomorrow.

I had been pondering the idea of a run and kept going back and forth in my mind finding excuses not to go.  My sister texted me and told me to just go.  So I got my warm tights on (I found them!) and my warmest gear and headed out the door.  I did a 5km route that I mapped and listened to some awesome country rock my run mixes.  The route had a hill that felt way bigger than it looked.  I had to run up and down it twice.

got it done
got it done

I was so glad I went.  I decided not to stop there.  I went upstairs and did 10 pushups (real, no knees), 50 sit ups, 10 more push ups (still no knees) and then 50 Russian twists.  It felt pretty great.  I need to remember this feeling next time I am trying to talk myself out of going.

Back is looking good, except for the rolls.  #workinprogress
Back is looking good, except for the rolls. #workinprogress

We were supposed to have taco’s for dinner but C just wanted soup and tacos are her favourite so we decided to save that for tomorrow so she can enjoy it.  We made philly cheese steak stuffed peppers instead.  And by we, I mean J.  I asked him to come and help me chop (he likes chopping veggies and I hate it), and he ended up making the whole meal.  I was able to get our lunches packed and the kitchen organized in the meantime.

They turned out SO good I MUST share the recipe with you all.

Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak Peppers



2 green bell peppers

300 g of roast beef

1 onion, we did slices

handful of sliced mushrooms

3 cloves garlic minced



shredded mozz cheese (or cheese of your choice)

We heated the oven to 400 degrees, and put the peppers in to soften while we cooked the rest of the filling.  Put a dollop of butter in a pan and cook down the onion, garlic and mushrooms.  We added a bit of chicken stock to keep them wetter when the butter cooked away.  For seasoning, J put salt and pepper and some red pepper flakes.  Add the roast beef ( he did ours in little square bites) and then when its all cooked through it’s time to stuff the peppers.  Take them out of the oven and drain off any liquid.  Line the bottom with shredded mozzerella cheese, add the filling and top with more cheese.

They are actually quite filling.  The red pepper flakes added a nice amount of heat to them.  I am so excited that I have one left for my lunch tomorrow.  It is going to help with my HBBC goal of eating more veggies.  You might remember I signed up to participate in the HBBC challenge with Amanda from Run to the Finish.  I have been finding the biggest challenge to get my 5-7 servings of veggies in every day.  It has really helped me with my water consumption though.  I feel like I have finally accepted it into my life and am drinking my 8 glasses a day easily, and most of the time even more than that!

This is going to be a busy week for me.  I have a lot going on at work and outside of it as well.  It will be a challenge to get all my workouts in but I am going to really try to be consistent.  I also want to really watch my eating as I have two weeks until I need to fit into the dress I bought that was a bit small for my work Christmas party.

Hope everyone is soaking up the last bit of weekend with your loved ones.

Did you run or workout this weekend?


Are you able to get 5-7 servings of fruits/veggies in each day?





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