Tabata Twice

This morning I think I got tricked by my 7 year old. She woke up and said she still didn’t feel well so I let her stay home from school. J had to take the day off to stay with her. He said she was fine all day so I think it’s safe to say we got tricked. I don’t think a day of rest hurt her any but it may have been unnecessary.

After a busy day at work I decided to try another at home workout. I found a ton of wods online that I can do at home or when travelling. I decided on one called “Invisible Fran”.

Air squats
Push ups

After I did this I decided to use my Tabata app and I did two rounds of Tabata. One was sit ups and the other was wall sits. C came in and helped with the timer and counted down for me and told me when to rest. It was cute.

I am really enjoying the at home workouts. I usually struggle to get into it but I am feeling really motivated these days.

If only I could get myself up earlier in the morning and do them then! I suck at getting up in the morning. I am so not a morning person! Baby steps I guess.

Dinner tonight was so yummy. J made steak and I made some roasted veggies. I had mine with sweet potato.

So good! And I have some leftovers for my lunch tomorrow. Bonus.

After dinner I made a batch of chocolate peanut butter protein cookies. They are a really simple recipe. They aren’t the most delicious cookies in the world but I actually kind of like them. And for a quick snack that has protein and fat in it, it works.

What was your workout today?

Do you make protein cookies?
I would love to try some more recipes to find a favourite.


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