Family Friday

Today was my work Family Christmas party and I am the one who organizes it each year. My parents and their friends come every year and the women go to the party and the men stay home. They were here Friday to pick C up from school.

I went to CrossFit at my usual 4:15 time because I didn’t want to skip it since I wasn’t able to go today. We worked on our power jerks. I have never been good at “jerk” lifts but I seem to have really improved after yesterday. Getting under the bar usually feels awkward but it was explained to me a little differently and that made it click. I was using 65 lbs and I definitely think I can go heavier.

We then worked on the split jerk and that just felt weird. I felt super awkward and unstable so I just continued to work on my power jerk.

200 walking lunges or 10 minutes (whichever came first). I held plank instead since lunges at that capacity would bother my leg. So I help plank while another girl lunged. Every time I dropped I did 2 strict pull ups. I’m using the red band which is the thinnest and I am so close to being able to use no band.

We finished off with 50 push ups.

When I got home we had a nice visit with everyone. My mom brought a delicious pasta dinner and her friend brought this cake.

It was an early morning to prep for the party and a long busy day on my feet. Tonight will involve some relaxing and maybe a foot rub if I’m lucky (what do you think J?).

Do you find the split jerk an awkward lift?

Highlight of your weekend so far?


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