I Needed a Hug

Today was a brutal day. I am drained emotionally and physically today. Work was a day from Hell and I feel like I have too much on my plate. Basically it was the kind of day that left me feeling like I need a hug. I am not a hugger. So I did the next best thing. Lifting.

I headed to CrossFit immediately after work. Today after warm up we worked on our snatch. I normally use dumbbells for most wods with the snatch lift but we worked on it barbells today. It felt really awkward but I think I did pretty good actually.

5 x 3 back squats – I did 65 lbs

5 rounds of 2.5 min with 30 s rest
3 burpees
5 squats
7 push ups
10 sit ups

I totalled 13 rounds and was done the burpees and squats in the 14th round.

Dinner tonight was tacos. I wasn’t feeling tacos (we have them often bc they are C’s favourite). I decided to make a big salad for mine and just put the meat on top.


After dinner we got our tree decorated. We went yesterday and picked it out so today we had to finish and decorate it.

I used to have all the ornaments matching with a blue and silver theme for the tree but now we just have an anything goes tree and I like it much better. It’s decorated with family ornaments that mean something to us instead of looking like something out of a magazine or store window. Don’t get me wrong those trees are beautiful, they just aren’t what we have for our family.

Last night I made a batch of my famous caramel chocolate shortbread squares. They actually taste like twix bars and I make them every year. We decided we needed to try them out tonight and I must pat myself on the back because these just might be my best batch ever.

I had planned on using some for gifts but I am not sure it will happen with this batch.

Ps- I did get my hug. One from J and a ton from C.

Do you do any Christmas baking?

What’s your tree like? Do you have a theme?


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