Staying Focused and a New Do

I am pretty sure I mentioned the fact that I want to make some changes to my body, and eat better etc many many many times on here.  I have that tummy that has always been my “problem area” and I always wish it was flatter.  I am constantly on a rollercoaster of eating better and then letting it all fall to shit and falling off the wagon and all my hard work goes out the window.  I am not being hard on myself, I am the one making the choices and I have always said “I want to live”.  If I want to enjoy myself and pig out on pizza and chips then I am going to do it.  My problem is that I do that, and then I think oh well, I already messed up and just keep going.  I need to stop doing that.

I have also mentioned that I have been participating in the HBBC challenge that Amanda at Run to the Finish is hosting.  It has helped me make some really positive changes.  I am drinking a lot more water every day, something I have always really sucked at.  I am also trying to increase my fruits and veggies intake.  Part of the challenge that I think is amazing is all the encouragement that I get from my fellow participants.  It’s so great to have the support system.

I was so inspired by the group that on Wednesday I got up early to do another at home workout.  I usually go to CrossFit on Wednesdays after work but I couldn’t this week, so I got up early and did my own thing.


6 rounds

10 pushups

10 sit ups

10 squats

Anyone who says they don’t have time to work out is cray cray in my opinion. This took max 8 minutes and I worked up a good sweat.  After that I did a Tabata and did it with Russian twist.  By the 6th round my abs were killing me.  I finished it off with 5 sets of 10 strict press with dumbbells.  Mental note- I need heavier dumbbells.

I am definitely noticing changes on my body.
I am definitely noticing changes on my body.


After work I went and got my hair done.  I decided that my ombre had seen it’s last day.  I think it was more of a Summer thing.  So I went back to my old faithful look and went dark dark dark.

Before and after
Before and after

After feeling properly spoiled at the salon, I went home just to feel even more spoiled to have dinner made and served to me by my amazing guy.  It was delicious.  Man am I ever a lucky girl.  Seriously,  how did I get to be so lucky and end up with such an amazing life?  I ask myself this question all the time.


How often do you change up your “do”?


What did you have for dinner last night?




3 thoughts on “Staying Focused and a New Do

  1. i’m changing up my “do” tomorrow. Going darker and getting rid of the gray! can’t wait. last night’s supper was a kid request… panfried pork dumplings and edamame…yummo!!!

  2. My “do” is a bit of a roller coaster… I’m going through the crappy growing-out phase right now, then I’ll keep it long for a while, then realize I live with it tied back, get bored, cut it all off again. And the cycle continues. Dinner last night? I’ll confess my laziness… Had breakfast :p but scrambled egg whites, sweet potato and sausage are just so good…

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