12 Days of Christmas

I am a little behind on posting. What can I say I have been a very busy lady the past could of days. I took Friday off work to try and get some stuff done since my weekends have been jam packed and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

The day started with a morning CrossFit class. It was funny because a couple of my usual afternoon friends were there too.

Work to a 3 RM back squat and strict press
I did 105 lbs for my back squat and 55 lbs for my strict press.

WOD- 18 min AMRAP
200 m row
20 DB thrusters
10 push ups
20 sit ups
30 s wall sit
30 s plank

This was actually a partner wod but it was an uneven number so I did this on my own as above. The partner wod was a little different. The most exciting thing for me with this wod is I was able to do all the push ups without my knees!!! My coach was really impressed with me.

The rest of the day I did some errands and some Christmas shopping. I think I am almost done. It was a cold and snowy (off and on) day.


After I picked C up from school we went and got our nails done.


This morning we woke up to Winter. There is a lot of snow on the ground. I went to CrossFit after clearing a ton of snow off my car. Today was our annual 12 Days of Christmas wod. It is a killer. It’s basically like the song. So you have to follow it along and go though the whole thing again as though you were singing it.

Here’s how it looked.
1 deadlift (135 lbs)
2 goblet squats
3 push ups
4 clean and jerk (45lbs)
5 burpees
6 sit ups
7 thrusters (45lbs)
8 dips
9 push press (45lbs)
10 lunges
11 squats
12 man makers

I think what killed me the most was every time we had to do those thrusters. Ugh. It took me just over 36 minutes to finish this. We also listened to Christmas carols while we did this.

We are headed to my work adults Christmas party tonight and dropping C off at my mom and dads. On our way we made a stop for J to get a new suit. C and I had some fun in the mirrors.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Are you doing anything festive this weekend?

Which movement in the above wod do you think would be the toughest?
Mine was definitely the thrusters.


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